The rating of car seats

When the family has a child, the parents, belong to the category of motorists, we have to think about buying a child car seat. The modern market offers a great variety of chairs for cars. Brands and high price is not an indicator of high quality, that is why we offer to your attention the rating of car seats for children. Here are the best models in terms of price-quality-safety. Among the nominees not only fresh news but also car seats have passed the test of time.

Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix

Maxi Cosi

This model is the youngest — from birth to fifteen months. In order for the little member of society was as comfortable as possible, we developed a special pillow that supports your baby’s back. The baby’s head will be adequately recorded due to the extended sides of the headrest.

Over the appearance of the chair notably bother the designers of the manufacturer, and latch the seat belt it was given sufficient attention. The first acquaintance of the child with the world of car journeys will be comfortable and safe, nothing will threaten.

To install the car seat in the car, use the seat belts of the vehicle. There is another method — using a special base. Adjustment of the chair is in position opposite the direction of travel.

Among the obvious advantages:

  • Removable cover
  • The presence of the sun visor
  • The ability to be used as a bassinet and carrying
  • Hypoallergenic materials

Cybex Aton Basic

Cybex Aton Back

Rating of car security could not to mention well-known manufacturer of high-quality and comfortable vehicles for the tranquility of parents and kids convenience. Cybex not only provide a sense of calm during the journey but also represents a model of elegant design.

Among the advantages:

  • Headrest made in accordance with modern requirements
  • Side protection
  • Armrests
  • The ability to change the position of the back
  • Pleasant to the touch upholstery fabric
  • Ventilation
  • The combination of price-quality

Carry handle is adjustable and it also serves as an additional locking element when installed in a motor vehicle. On top of that the car seat can be installed on the chassis of the wheelchair of the same manufacturer — then you have to buy the adapter.

Case, as in the previous model, it is easy to keep clean becomes easier.

4baby Dino

Dino 4baby

This chair will allow you to be in the atmosphere of a safe and comfortable journey. It is addressed to children, whose weight is in the range from 15 to 36 kg. the model Itself is made of durable plastic, and upholstery, for manufacturing of which used nice and soft material, easy to clean.

For installation in the interior of the car, use the seat belts of the vehicle. Mounted in the direction of movement.

Maxi-Cosi Citi

maxi cosi citi

The following nominees of the safety rating of car seats for children designed for the younger age categories — from zero to fifteen months. Max load is 13 lbs. in it you can bring the baby from the hospital to the home environment. The first trip will allow the child to feel discomfort.

This model of seat installed in any vehicle for installation of required seat belts. The presence of ergonomic portable handle makes it possible to take a car seat with you.

From the pros:

  • Presence of a visor that protects from the sun’s rays
  • The mixing pad that allows you to achieve a comfortable back support and head
  • Thanks to the integrated controller, it becomes possible to adjust the depth of the chair
  • Optimal side protection

Cybex Isis

Cybex ISIS

The rating of the car continues the model is able to last you for one year. Cybex Isis is addressed to children from nine months to 12 years. The maximum load is 36 kilograms. as soon as your child is growing, changing and chair — maximum comfort while using the car seat will be provided.

For children from 9 months to until baby’s weight reaches 15 kg. Special, specially developed by the company, fastening system allows you to securely fix the baby in chair. Soft crossbar by 30% reducing the risk of injury of the cervical spine in case of an accident. This effect achieves due to the fact that it distributes shock force. In addition, this mounting system does not hinder movements and is perceived more positively. It can also be pushed forward to the desired distance to adjust the size of your baby.

When the child turns three years, there will come a time when soft a shot will need to be removed. From now until the achievement of 8-10 years, little citizen will be recorded using the internal three-point safety belts.

When the child outgrow the previous age group, your car seat turns into a booster — it is necessary to detach the backrest. The child, as before, fixed with three-point safety belts.

Car seat can be adjusted:

  • The headrest has seven provisions laid down
  • The back angle can also be changed

This is a great advantage, especially when there is a long journey — wearied child will be able to relax. Side impact of your child will protect the thick edges.

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