The rating of budget cars in Russia

Choosing a reliable car, you need to consider many parameters: price, technical condition, color palette, appearance. Many car magazines publish rankings of the most affordable and at the same time popular models of budget class. It is worth noting that the cheap car is not talking about its huge popularity, most likely, about low income people who elected him. Unfortunately, such citizens in Russia is much more than those who can buy more expensive models.

So, your attention is given a rating of low-cost cars in Russia in 2014.

10.KIA Rio

Kia Rio

Excellent and worthy choice. This car is preferred for low cost, which is in the range of 480 – 500 thousand rubles.

9. Hyundai Solaris

Hyundai Solaris

This model is popular in Russia for several years. Despite the fact that the technical characteristics of this car is absolutely identical to the KIA Rio, the choice motorists often crashes on Solaris.

8. Skoda Rapid

Skoda Rapid

Skoda Rapid one of the participants rating budget car in Russia. Good functionality, roominess of the cabin and the low cost are key to the success of the model.

7. Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo

For many years from the lips of motorists to hear that Volkswagen is «people’s brand». And it’s not just words, because if you take into consideration the ratio of price and quality, then the model would be really the best.

6. Datsun


The most interesting and awaited car in 2014. A new model built on the basis of LADA Granta. The difference of this model in a slightly modified body and optics. According to preliminary data the price of the new car will begin from 350 thousand rubles.

5. LADA Largus

LADA Largus

On the creation of this model work together, AVTOVAZ and the Alliance Renault – Nissan. The advantage of this model – power steering, airbags, air conditioning and ABS. Despite the fact that the model is practically new, it quickly received a demand from entrepreneurs and small organizations. It is compared with the comfortable and roomy «workhorse».

4. Renault Logan

Renault Logan

This model comes with: engine volume of 1.6 L. the car Enthusiasts attracted to good driving performance cars and an attractive appearance.

3. LADA Priora

LADA Priora

Whatever skepticism of the Russians was not to mark «Lada», today it is the most affordable. In addition, each year the model is improving, and becoming more comfortable and modern. And LADA Priora was no exception.

2. LADA Kalina

LADA Kalina

Customers can choose the most convenient type of body: station wagon or hatchback. The new models are more stylish, and rich in technical equipment.

1. LADA Granta

LADA Granta

A relatively new and inexpensive car. The manufacturer quickly came to the release of a new model, which has surpassed all customer expectations. If you consider the cost, the LADA Granta can be called the most positive car, which is equipped with all the necessary elements.

Each rating is an individual list because any object can be viewed according to different criteria. As for the rating of budget cars in Russia, this list is also not straightforward, because the concept of «budget» is different for everyone.

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