The rating of boxers boxers in history

Boxing — fascinating sport, has fans among men and women. The rating of boxers provides a list of the most powerful men in the world, but each of the following is a special person and the owner of his record. So their incredible achievements do not allow to place boxers in the rooms. They were all athletes of God, and great warriors that will forever remain in people’s memory.

Mohammed Ali

The recent death of a prominent boxer who not only changed the culture of Boxing, but also affected the minds of people all over the world, allows you to put in the first place the author’s style, «float like a butterfly and pity, like a bee».

A 20-year career, Ali has spent 61 fight, which was only 5 defeats. The title «boxer of the year» was given to him five years. The sense of distance, endurance, remarkable impact — it was the main advantage of Muhammad Ali and helped to win the battle.

Life boxer defended his beliefs, and even lost his title for refusing to serve in Vietnam. But he, like tumbler, always got back up and started again.

All this makes it possible to consider Muhammad Ali the first in many rankings heavyweight boxers in history.

Mike Tyson

A 20-year career spent 60 fights (6 losses). In the first round or in the first seconds, violently and powerfully — that is the signature style of a black heavyweight. For his 9 knockouts spent less than 60 seconds he even got into the Guinness book of records. Tyson was the youngest champion in the ranking of boxers in the heavyweight division — he was only 20 years old when he won in 1986, Trevor Berbice.

A phenomenal shot with both hands, the speed and nature, which lifted him to unprecedented heights and became the cause of his fall. He was the strongest in over 10 years and still great, despite the fact that in recent times he returned to the ring for the money. And the fact that aside from being great he still can be assigned the title of most scandalous – well, this way of attracting attention of the public has always been very effective.

Lennox Lewis

Monumental boxer, whose 41 victory 2 defeats made him the best in the world by the magazine «Ring».

Its advantages are weight, size, versatility, and killing blow both the left and the right and ability to act at all distances.

All contenders Lennox was in the best shape, and he found the strength to leave with the title of undefeated champion. The athlete was not involved in any scandal and have always remained true to himself. The money earned for the championship, he not only spent, but also increased it.

Joe Louis

Four-time boxer, who during his 17-year career spent 69 battles and won only 3 losses. After the first loss he bounced back during the rematch, managed just one round.

Owned a champion heavy weight title for nearly 12 years and managed to defend it 25 times. This record was not broken until now and allow us to consider him the best boxer in the world.

Speed, accuracy, technique, the ability to take a punch and, more importantly, to recover from it — these are the skills that allowed the «Brown bomber» to rule so long. His victory was of great importance during the Second world war, as he refuted the theory of racial superiority of whites.

Roy Jones

Boxer of the decade, managed to win titles in 5 weight categories, from medium to heavyweight. He has 72 combat (of which only 9 losses), and last of his professional career since 1989 to the present time. Jones held the title of best boxer according to the magazine «Ring», irrespective of the weight from 1996 to 2003. Incredible speed, sense of distance, the way to give up, causing the opponent — the main features of a signature Roy Jones.

Located at 47 in the ranking of professional boxers rarely fortunate of athletes. Actor, musician, public figure — he lost himself in life and this will continue.

Rocky Marciano

Over 7 years spent 49 fights, remaining undefeated. A very tough boxer who no one lost their championship title, defending it 6 times. His workshop short game resembled a bulldog, which hung a stranglehold and didn’t let go of the victim. With the growth of 180 he could not like Tyson or Lewis to be monumental — all the battles he had won with blood, incredible strength of will and his sacrifice in battle.

Physical characteristics and Boxing, rocky inferior to other representatives of the rating of the best boxers in the world, but his indomitable spirit and will power gave him the opportunity to become a champion and then to pursue a successful career as a businessman.

Only two boxers in Boxing history (second gene Tunney) found the strength abandoned championship title and remain undefeated in history.

Vitali Klitschko

The Doctor the Iron fist of 47 wins and 2 losses (45 KOs). His world record listed in the Guinness Book of records — 26 knockouts in a row, and Vitaly never was knocked out.

It was after the fight with Klitschko Lennox Lewis left Boxing, having refused a rematch (and a lot of money).

George Foreman

The oldest boxer in history (at the moment he was 67 years). 76 wins and 5 losses secured him the ill-fame boxer, who is now a preacher.

Sokratitelnoj strike Tyson was compared to foreman (hands George was even longer). The athlete was able to return to Boxing after a 10 year hiatus and win in 45 years over Michael Moorer, who was only 27.

Larry Holmes

My title boxer kept for a long time — for 8 years. Holmes was not afraid to spend 5 or more matches a year (in 1975 there were 10 of them). He has 69 wins in 75 fights (44 by knockout).

Holmes later started his professional career (almost 30 years), and the last large ring was in his 53 years, and with a positive outcome, when he managed to defeat 36-year-old Erica ash.

Joe Frazier

The prototype of the character rocky in a film of the same name, who spent 37 fights with 4 defeats, and two boxers, foreman and Ali. The nickname of Frasier was «Steaming» because of the state of Boxing gloves after the fight. High tempo, powerful energy and movement that are impossible to calculate — are the main advantages of this heavyweight.

Fraser was the main rival of Muhammad Ali and his life-long enemy due to the fact that he called him «uncle Tom».

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