The rating of battery screwdrivers

The screwdrivers have long been part of everyday life of the builders and have been used successfully in the household. With their help, you can quickly and easily install or remove the fastener that manually would be screwed for much longer. To choose the right model of battery screwdriver, it is important to know its main characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of work. Based on user reviews of this tool, you can create a rating of battery screwdrivers that are in high demand. Represented in the rating models of women’s handbags a lot are discussed by users on the Internet, so we can safely assign such instruments to the category of the best.

1 Bosch GSR 1440-LI

Cordless screwdriver Bosch GSR 1440-LI

The lead battery screwdrivers belong to this funds that is representative of the range ultra «blue» Bosch tools. The screwdriver has a high power, excellent features, easy to use, its battery is quickly recharged. Also, this tool has a low weight, compact dimensions, comfortable rubberized grip, and has protection against overloads and does not create excessive noise during operation. Buying this screwdriver, the user gets a professional tool at an affordable price. The cost of the screwdriver – 4500 rubles.

2 Hitachi DS12DVF3

Cordless screwdriver Hitachi DS12DVF3

The second is fairly inexpensive, but very powerful Hitachi DS12DVF3 that apply to professional instruments. Has a fast charging battery that allows you to work in an intensive mode and you’ll be with proper maintenance long service life. For these qualities is considered to be one of the best. This model is ergonomically designed, has a comfortable handle and a hook for carrying. To purchase this tool it is possible for 4200 rubles.

3 Interskol YES-18er

Akumulatori a screwdriver Interskol YES-18er

Third place in the rating of the battery of drills is this model that will become a perfect tool to use at home. The drill is very reliable and can last for a long time. It is very convenient and easy to use. So it will be a great choice at a low cost (costs 2000 rubles).

4 Makita 6271 DWAE

Cordless drill Makita 6271 DWAE

In fourth place is a great and affordable screwdriver used for professional activities. Has light weight, ergonomic design, high-quality Assembly. Equipped with a stabilization system speed when working with high loads and electronic brake. Buy this screwdriver it is possible for 4800 rubles.

5 Hilti SFC14-F 1,6 Ah

Cordless screwdriver Hilti SFC14-F 1,6 Ah

The middle of the ranking this screwdriver, which can long and work effectively, even if he has to cope with heavy loads. Therefore, the tool has been used successfully as a professional. Due to the high torque and high speed operation it will allow to perform any task. Has a small weight and ergonomic design. The cost – 9200 rubles.

6 Bosch PSR12

Cordless screwdriver Bosch PSR12

This screwdriver though and is positioned as a professional, more suitable for household use. Has decent enough power and high reliability. Has high torque, ergonomic handle, easy operation and small size, which allows its use in places to get to which is difficult. The main drawback is that the battery runs out quickly (even just for storage). Variable not, therefore, often have to carry out the recharge. Is this screwdriver 3400 rubles.

7 AEG BS 12 C IQ

Cordless screwdriver AEG BS 12 C IQ

Next in the ranking of popularity is the tool, which is used in the professional building, and at home. Is a reliable and high quality tool that is comfortable. Has a power adjustment, a powerful illumination and a second battery in the kit. Has small size and low weight. You can buy it for 4400 rubles.

8 Craftsman C3 Compact

Cordless screwdriver Craftsman Compact C3

Craftsman tools are at the customers quite popular. This model has excellent power, and for a small price. The instrument has a high reliability and will last a long time. It weighs a bit, so during prolonged use does not have to feel the tension. To buy a screwdriver can for 1700 rubles.

9 DeWALT DW907K2

cordless screwdriver DeWALT DW907K2

In ninth place is this screwdriver is a tool, used for household needs. The model is able to withstand heavy use. Different ergonomics, compact, light weight, high strength and ample capacity. The cost of this screwdriver – 3500 rubles.

Skil 10 2026AC

Cordless screwdriver Skil 2026AC

Closes rating rechargeable screwdrivers powerful enough and convenient Skil 2026AC. Only suitable for use in the home. Has the perfect combination of quality and price. However, it is not worth much to stretch» this tool because of its intensive use can quickly incapacitate him. The cost of this screwdriver – 2500 rubles.

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