The rating of banks

Where, as in banks, the largest number of funds. Banking products every day is still in great demand, which has led to the emergence of new banking offices. If you get down to list all of the existing financial institutions, this work will be endless.

Of course, everyone expects that he will be able to find a successful Bank in which his funds are completely safe to the same will bring considerable profit. But which Bank is the best one? To answer to this question will help below is a ranking of banks.

10. Rabobank


One of the largest banks in the Netherlands, provides a huge range of both banking and financial services. The Bank was created in 1898, his rating is «AA». Specializes in lending to agriculture and the food industry.

9. Banque et Caisse d’epargne de l’etat

The Bank and Oschadbank State

Ninth place is a Luxembourg Bank. This Bank is the only from his country who entered the rating of banks ‘ reliability. Engaged in providing all possible banking services in the country.



The eighth position is reserved for the German Bank. This is the main financial institution of North Rhine-Westphalia – the most populated land of Germany. It was under the control of the government and the Bank is located.

7. Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations

Deposit and Deposits

Despite the fact that the company is not the largest in the Fifth Republic, it was priced much better than the giants of the French banking sector. The Bank’s assets estimated at 262,2 billion euros.

6. Nederlandse Waterschapsbank

kompanіya Nederlandse Waterschapsbank

By the rating agencies Standard & poor’s and Moody’s the Bank had the rating of «AAA». It was created actually for the sake of the waterschappen («water Council»). Water Bank of the Netherlands, engaged in providing short-term and long-term loans for municipalities and local authorities. In addition, credit may be granted for public housing, health care, educational institutions and, of course, water resources and environmental protection.

5. L-Bank


One of the largest German banks, its main shareholder is the government of Baden-Wuttemberg. The main functions of the Bank are financial support for small enterprises, infrastructure projects and housing construction. Help financial institutions provides high standard of living.

4. Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank

Agricultural Annuity Bank

The main activities of the Bank are considered to be the food industry and agriculture in Germany. Most often, the company is engaged in the provision of standard loans development. The Bank was founded in Frankfurt in 1949.

3. Zürcher Kantonalbank

Zürcher Kantonalbank

The sole representative in the ranking of Switzerland is a Cantonal Bank of Zurich. Entered the top 5 largest banks in the country, all of its shares owned by the Canton of Zurich. The Bank has representative offices in Mumbai, Singapore and Beijing.

2. Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten

Company Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten

Second place in the rating of banks owned by Municipal Bank of the Netherlands. Half of the shares disposed of by the government and the other half was distributed between the municipalities and the provinces. The main office is located in the Hague.

1. KfW


About 80% of the shares of the German state Bank owned by the government, and the remaining shares to dispose of Federal land. In the 2009-2010 year the magazine Global Finance has published a list of the reliability of banks in which first place is occupied by a Bank Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau.

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