The rating of air conditioners for reliability

Air conditioning has long been an attribute of modernity. So nice, after returning from the hot streets, take a dip in the flow of cool air and relax. But for this you need to choose a really reliable device that will not disappoint the owner of the common breakdowns. Will help you in this, our air conditioners rating in terms of reliability. And keep in mind the main factor — the device should fit the dimensions of your room, as this is one of the important requirements.

1 Mitsubishi Electric


Updated design, reduced the amount of freon, convenience and easy handling — all this made Mitsubishi sales leader. Their output for air conditioning in the apartment is more than 22.5 thousand hours.

Paying attention to the country of Assembly and selecting Japan instead of Thailand, you will get highly reliable device that will last you for years.

These air conditioners are quite able to work up to 15 years without major repairs (in the qualitative and regular service). Five letters after the name brand Heavy talking about a Chinese Assembly and a smaller lifespan.

2 Toshiba


The first split-system designed by Toshiba, so these air conditioning manufacturers for quality and reliability quite decent prizes. The disadvantages of this conditioning is to search long and eventually just not find. To 12 years of uninterrupted work provides an inverter device average cost of about $ 1,000.

The refrigerant does not destroy ozone layer, complex filter system company cares about the environment and their air conditioners will not bring harm. Very popular series SKV, which is a wealth of functionality offers the buyer the best price.

3 Hitachi


On the equipment market were the first to appear and have become a symbol of reliable technology that keeps up with the times. The company actively uses innovative design, which resulted in the inverter PAM control — pioneer inverter air conditioners. It is a reliable device that will last you a very long time. Gather units in Japan and Malaysia.

Another advantage — a great energy-saving performance.

4 Gree


The firm produces some air conditioning, so all the power and resources are concentrated on this product. Management fees collected on 9 plants scattered around the world — from Brazil to Indonesia.

Failures in air conditioners is very small — only 0.1%. Each new series is first tested within the market and then sold for export.

From the long list of developments of the company — control air conditioning from your smartphone, system cleaning, cold, automatic generation of oxygen self-determination of the number of people in the room and adjust the temperature.

The models of this brand are considered the most quiet — the noise level rarely exceeds 24 to 26 MB.

5 Daikin


Air conditioners price about $ 1000 going to Japan, and Belgium, that provides high quality components. In the devices well-established system of self-diagnostics, air purification and foolproof (foolproof).

Development company was awarded a special prize for a system in which heat from air conditioning is not wasted in the atmosphere, and can be used for heating other rooms.

6 Panasonic


Easy maintenance — the main advantage of this brand. Going devices in China and Malaysia, but in this case the final quality is only slightly dependent on Assembly location. The whole range is divided into 3 classes, respectively, to the category of refrigerant (R410A harmless to 22).

The blinds in the Panasonic air-conditioners do not contain fibers, and then clean them quickly and easily. Pull-out air filter, lots of removable parts — all designed to provide convenience to the owner of the air conditioner.

7 Fujitsu General


The company is focused on the European and Asian market. They differ in appearance and the first models have a more classic design, but the last one is bright and noticeable, with a predominance of red.

The company provides a line of inverter devices on freon. Disinfection of air, self-cleaning (once a year) — many useful features you will find in this conditioning.

8 LG


A large part of the market sales come from this Korean manufacturer (next to Samsung). The Korean assemblage indicates the unstable quality, but, nevertheless, up to 7 years, you don’t have to worry about major repairs. LG air conditioners make the air fresh and clean, and the oxygen content will increase to 20%.

Photocatalytic deodorizing filter absorbs all unpleasant odors, and after cleaning can be used repeatedly.

Of the shortcomings — is no protection against incorrect operation.

9 Samsung


Another Korean manufacturer, literally flooded the Russian market. It is a relatively inexpensive conditioners (from 250 to 500 dollars for split-system 2 kW) which will work uninterrupted from 5 years.

The noise level outside the group too high, that is a significant disadvantage.

10 Electrolux


Registration of the European company (Sweden) does not always guarantee the same quality as the goods are assembled in China. But, nevertheless, up to 5 years, the buyer can rely on the productive operation of the device.

Special Super DC Inverter technology low energy efficiency. The model Orlando Eacs takes 6 times less electricity than it produces. While in standby mode, the unit will spend only 1 watt.

Acceleration to the desired temperature and sometimes does not fit in the time stated in the instructions, and the filter must be cleaned 2 times a year.

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