The rating of air conditioners by bestselling — choose the best

Summer is the time when the heat penetrates even into space. No fans save, and keep cool like. The best way to install air conditioning. But that’s just what? If you do not know the answer to this question, we suggest you to check the ranking of the most popular air conditioners for the last 2 years. So, let’s begin.

10th place — Toshiba RAS-10N3KV-E

Toshiba RAS-10N3KV-E

Split-system with inverter and power heating W 3200 cooling — 2500 watts. This will be enough to use the air conditioner for the home. Of the additional features this model has: a system that prevents ice formation; deodorizing filter; adjusting the air direction. But the air conditioner Toshiba RAS-10N3KV-E there are negative – slow otlichnie on the team.

9th place — Toshiba RAS-10N3KVR-E

Toshiba RAS-10N3KVR-E

A new model of the air conditioner of this line, in which all the previous shortcomings have been fixed. If to it to add anion generator, warm start, plasma filter, it would make a great split-system.

8th place — Samsung AQ09TSB

Samsung AQ09TSB

It’s a quiet model of conditioning to the most popular Korean brand has a good capacity of air heating in winter and cooling in summer. 2900 watts and 2800 watts respectively. Also the air conditioner has a built-in filter HD-80 and many more useful features. And all this for a very good money – the average cost of 12,000 rubles. The shortcomings of large dimensions.

7th place — Panasonic CS-YE09MKE

Panasonic CS-YE09MKE

A model with a good heating capacity and cooling. Has a nice design, deodorizing filter, dry mode. Maximum air flow of 12.5 cubic m/min Also in the model by adjusting the air flow direction. Wide range of air conditioners presented on the website MOYO

6th place — Samsung AQ07TSB

Samsung AQ07TSB

This is a budget split system, which is not much inferior to the model 8. The only difference is the cooling capacity 2100 watts to heat up – 2200 watts. The disadvantages can be attributed only to the noise level of the outdoor unit.

5th place — Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-HJ25VA

Mitsubishi electric MSZ-HJ25VA

Air conditioning with good power (2500 W) provides an air flow 10 cubic m/min In the «kit» is silent mode, dehumidifier and a system that prevents the formation of ice. The price is a bit does not match the quality – about 30,000 rubles – it’s expensive.

4th place — Panasonic CS-YW9MKD

Panasonic CS-YW9MKD

Reliable model, which is already quite a long time is in 5-ke bought air conditioners. Cooling capacity is 2600 watts. Minus — there is no inverter. It is a good device for decent money – 15,000 rubles.

3rd place — Electrolux EACM-10DR

Electrolux BAKM-10DR

In third place is the mobile bar, has overtaken many split systems. The main advantages of air conditioning – compact size and built-in dehumidifier. Of the minuses can be noted only the need for dissipation outside of the room. Cost 13,000 rubles.

2nd place — Panasonic CS-E7PKDW

Panasonic CS-E7PKDW

If the model that took the 4th place to add the ability to warm start, inverter and deodorizing filter, you will get Panasonic CS-E7PKDW. Second place in the rating – decent result for models with a capacity of 2050 WATTS. Apparently, this is not a problem, because the performance of the device is not very low – 20 sq. m. There is electricity saving. Disadvantage – high cost – 26,000 rubles.

1st place — Panasonic CS-YW7MKD

Panasonic CS-YW7MKD

The first position is still the same brand Panasonic. The model is a little different from the previous one, except for the power (2100 W) and the availability of the inverter. This split system is a kind of middle ground between public sector and «Suites». It costs about 15,000 rubles, has a pretty nice design and no noise.

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