The rating names

Every second on the planet is heard the cry of the average of four newborns. And the first question that arises from parents: «what to call their little miracle?». In this question there are many helpers, including the rating of names that are published by the Registrar’s office. Through such lists, the choice can become much easier.

Popular boys ‘ names

Male names

10. Cyril

According to the characteristics of the children with this name are usually very cheery, optimistic look at life, but their success must be marked by praise.

9. Egor

Form of the name George, which became independent. People with this name is to communicate, have many friends and love to work.

8. Andrew

This name means «hero» in Greek language. Along with increased emotionality, Andrea easily find common language with people and like honesty.

7. Nikita

«Winner» of the Greek. Characteristics: stubbornness, desire for leadership, love of children and animals.

6. Ivan

This name has Hebrew roots and means «God’s blessing». Although the character of these boys and full of contradictions, they are very kind and gentle.

5. Michael

Translated as «similar, like God». Positive qualities – the desire for knowledge, sociability. Sometimes there is sensitive feelings.

4. Maxim

Children with the same name are distinguished by the apparent kindness and the desire to help and a good imagination. Translated from Latin – «great, great».

Finally, the three leaders:

3. Artem

Third place on the popularity of the name Artem.Such men have a clear own opinion (which sometimes seek to impose), resistant to stress and strive for independence. Translated as «strong».


Second place – Dmitry (the name is associated with Demeter, the goddess of fertility). Dmitri will always be a lot of friends and fellowship, thinking of life optimistic.

1. Alexander

First place in popularity takes the name Alexander (Greek – «protector»). Character: persistence in achieving goals, striving for personal independence, excellent ability to work supervisor.

Popular names for girls

Female names


Closing in this list is the name Valery,which means «enduring». In the character of Valerie interesting combination of confidence and impulsiveness.

9. Sofia (Sofia)

The name comes from the Greek language and means «wise». Although such people are usually quite fragile and shy, they can be bold at times and selfless deeds.

8. Anna

This graceful interweaving of kindness and desire to help people. In addition, these girls usually persistent and achieve the desired power.

7. Catherine

Is of Greek origin and means «purity, purity». Distinguishes children with the name of the inquiring mind and shyness.

6. Pauline.

The translation of this name is due to its original, full form – Apollinaire – «belonging to Apollo». Distinctive features – restraint and enviable patience.

5. Elizabeth.

Of Jewish origin, the name means «oath of God». Elizabeth can be described as active, sociable person (although sometimes too selfish) that has the courage of spirit.

4. Victoria.

Girls with this name is described as fair, firm in their convictions and desires. Inherent excellent organizational skills. The Latin name translates as «victory».

3. Anastasia

Closes the three most popular female names sweet name Anastasia («revived»). Anastasius have well developed intuition and mind, but sometimes they are very indecisive.

2. Maria

In the second place the name of Maria. Its value is treated differently: «bitter», «beloved» and even «lady». Sensitive Mary is always very good and the Executive.

1. Daria

The most popular name for girls – Darya. Persian origin, translates it as «owns, winner». Girls with this name are distinguished by a cheerful disposition, intelligence and a really spunky character, also noted some of the impulsivity and excessive straightforwardness.

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