The rarest pokemon

Where there is pokémon, there is always a desire to know what is the rarest pokemon? But first, a little history…

Wave of pokemonmay began not so long ago, when the eponymous cartoon, the developers gave the world the game. The world has not forgotten, as in two thousand children in a literal sense suffered from pokemonmay, was known even cases when went crazy.

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This year, the world saw the pokemon. As soon as the game was released in Apple’s app store, it immediately gained incredible popularity, and forced the world to talk about pokemon. Developers Nintendo and Niantic moved pokemon in real life. This became possible thanks to augmented reality. The essence of the game is that the player in the city goes to different places, collect pokemons, pumping them, and then arranges the duel between the other owners of the same pokemon.

The developers claim that they will soon release a special accessory that will vibrate whenever on the horizon will appear pokemon.

So, almost the whole world plunged into catching these creatures. And immediately determined the list of rare pokemon. These include those that appear very rarely and only in certain places.

Not long ago, the American said that caught 142 pokemon in North America. Here is a logical question: where are the rest? Because until the game is integrated about 150 beings. Finding 3 rare pokémon known (however, this is only an approximate location): Asia (Farfetch’d), Europe (Mr Mime) and Australia (Kangaskhan).

Location 6 more pokemon unknown. They are in the top the rarest. Take a closer look.


Is considered the most rare. This pokemon is a mixture of all the pokemon. His main ability: becomes invisible, even when coming close to the people.



This pokemon – manufacture of genetic engineering. Despite the fact that it was created by scientists-people who have pokemon absolutely no feelings of pity.



This legendary pokemon is a fire bird. If he is wounded in battle, he immerses himself in molten lava of the volcano, where it is treated and reborn.

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Another pokemon is a bird, but electric. Draws its power from lightning discharges, and, consequently, lives in storm clouds.



Also pokemon is a bird, only ice. She controls the cold and Ledyaev instills fear into the enemy. It is believed that when this pokémon is near, he starts to snow.



One of the stupid pokemon, which can change its cellular structure into any form. But the absurdity of pokemon that pokemon very often «wrong» and takes ridiculous about the form.


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