The rarest disease in the world

Modern medicine is able to literally bring someone back to life. However, there is a very rare disease in the world that just put doctors in a dead end, because sometimes it is difficult to imagine, and whether it is possible to cure this disease. Let’s look at rare diseases and common diseases that occur today.

1 Intolerance to electromagnetic fields

Debbie bird is allergic to electromagnetic fields

This is the rarest disease in the world, since she started going out quite recently and is known only isolated cases of this disease. Around the world start to appear, people who can not tolerate exposure to electromagnetic fields – when the appliance is they have a headache, deteriorating health. Very much, for example, from this Allergy suffers Debbie bird who has to live in conditions of absolute absence of electricity.

2 Unreasonable deprivation of view

Natalie Adler every three days sees nothing

Quite an unusual disease in a resident of Melbourne – Natalie Adler. It every three days sees nothing and is not able at this time to open your eyes. This disease began to chase after infection of the sinuses. The doctor who examines Natalie, admits that with such he had to face for the first time. And women, meanwhile, have to plan things with the expectation of a loss of vision for three days.

3 Syndrome blue skin

The blue skin has a resident of Kazan Valery Vershinin

«Silver man» called the inhabitant of Kazan Valery Vershinin. His face was a silvery-blue color after treatment with drops of cold silver. The man’s hair become bright. However, the health of citizens of Kazan has become a truly heroic – for 30 years after this incident, he was only sick three times with flu.

People with blue skin color appear all over the world. The case 60 years in Kentucky, lived a family with the same skin tone – they even called «Blue Fugate».

4 Hypertrichosis

Hypertrichosis is associated with genetic mutations

This disease is also called «werewolf syndrome». It is characterized by the presence of a large amount of hair the patient, making it similar to a dire wolf. Sometimes I even have such a disease even in children, which are covered with hair all over his face. Scientists have found that the cause of the disease is associated with genetic mutations. Today is known 16 people in China who suffer from this disease. Without a doubt, the same rare disease, a photo of which is presented in our article, not make people happy. But they learn to live with its shortcomings. For example, when one circus was the girl who had a beard.

5 Ivory disease

Elephant disease causing larvae worms-parasites that penetrate into the lymphatic system

This disease is characterized by sverhvidenie parts of the body of the patient. The appearance of it is done by larvae worms-parasites and carry disease mosquitoes. The parasites damage the tissues of the body, as a result of intensively swollen organs. Possible stagnation of lymph, which leads to edema.

Treated the disease is a conservative treatment, and surgical intervention is indicated only in extreme cases. In 2007. scientists have published the facts about the genome of the parasite, which will give an opportunity to successfully cure patients of the disease.

6 Progeria

Patients with progeria only live to 13 years

This disease is associated with failures in the genetic code, leads to terrible consequences. The disease is associated with premature aging as a result of suffering this disease live only up to 13 years. Only once was a case when a person with progeria lived to be 27 years. The symptoms of this disease occur before 2-3 years of age the child starts, arthritis, baldness, disruptions in the heart, increases the head, slows the growth process. Worldwide, there are 50 children who suffer from this disease. Methods of combating this disease, not yet detected.

7 Leprosy

Leprosy patient begins to rot alive

This disease is known to people of literary works. The reason it becomes a small bacterium that destroys peripheral nerves, skin and mucosa. The patient begins to rot alive, resulting in loss of human form. This disease is not very contagious, but is characterized by a long incubation period which can last for 5 years. At the time begun treatment the disease can be successfully treated.

8 Cicero

In Cicero the patient begins to eat inedible things

In Cicero the patient begins to eat inedible things (dirt, glue, clay, coal, paper). Scientists say that this is due to a deficiency in vitamins and minerals. For example, cats eat, in some cases, the grass. But the true cause of the disease until scientists could not be found.

9 Lata

Lata - a disease associated with mental disorders and is characterized by the uncontrolled human behavior

In this disease the patient loses control of himself and begins to speak indecent words or to imitate others. As a rule, this condition may be the person after the transferred shock. Such a patient can be forced to do anything, i.e., it is easily suggestible. Usually, this disorder predisposed women (the disease is common in Malaysia).

What diseases are most prevalent today?

Tooth decay is a modern problem of mankind

It was a rare illnesses, the most common include:

  • caries;
  • problems with the digestive system;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • diseases of the respiratory system.

Speaking of such diseases not to mention HIV, the disease still maintains its position and leads to many deaths.

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