The rarest animal in the world

Today failed to investigate all the facts about the animals living on our planet, especially for rare species. Most of the population of the planet does not think about what animals are considered the most rare. The names of some of them is not that hard to remember, they say. Despite this, to learn about the most endangered animals on the planet is in the red book where they are listed.

Wombat is the rarest animal in the world.

Wombat is the rarest animal in the world

Externally the animal looks like on the European beaver, in fact, no relationship between them does not exist. Wombat ancient animal that today lives in Australia. The first ancestors of the animals appeared during the extinction of the dinosaurs, so they can be safely regarded as the first representatives of warm-blooded animals. In addition, the Wombat is considered the most rare animal in the world, he is also one of the largest, burrowing tunnels under the earth. Wombat will need a few seconds to dig into the ground. In the passage dug by a wombat, fits even.

Tunell, Verity wombat

Rare animal looks quite awkward. The beast feeds on grass, which at the same time and grind teeth. During the day they hide in burrows, and at night come out. The main enemy of this cute and harmless animal – people. It is the people who were involved in extermination of these rodents, because they are able to get close to the paddocks for Pets. Dingo abundance in Australia, undermining wombats come with ease in groups and are destroying livestock.

Of course, it’s not like any farmer, so they open the hunt for the most rare animal in the world. Today for wombats built even reserves. In addition, there are special programs to protect this animal from extinction.

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