The ranking of the richest countries in the world

To be recognized as the richest country is not only the prestige for the state. This status pleases the inhabitants of the country and attracts crowds of tourists. When conducting the research mainly study the GDP growth of the entire state and calculate how much per person per year. The proposed ranking of the richest countries in the world.

10. Netherlands

Geographical location of the country played into the hands of residents. Pass through the important trade routes of Europe. Therefore, the state not only attracts tourists for the contemplation of local attractions, and entrepreneurs to develop their business. Income per citizen per year is about $ 43,000.

9. Canada

The main activity in the country aimed at improving human life. In Canada, not afraid to bear and raise children, because we believe in the security level. High quality of life in the state obtained as a result of skilful political and economic action. GDP per person is 43.1 thousand per year.

8. Switzerland

The country is famous for not only high income but also its inhabitants. They are intelligence, good education and literacy. Good development of the banking sector brings to successful state additional income. GDP is $ 45,900. a year.

7. Hong Kong

The most developed place in Asia, plays an important role in the trade. The country has a large number of cargo ports. Most of the revenue to the state Treasury tourism brings. GDP per person per year is 52.7 thousand dollars.

6. USA

Prosperity and development are the main characteristics of this state. Successfully develop all sectors of the country. A well-functioning labour market, low unemployment. In addition, the country has a great stock of natural resources. U.S. GDP sees from Hongkong forward through the index at 52.8 thousand dollars.

5. Brunei Darussalam

It is the only sovereign country among the other States in the South-East Asia. Economic growth was achieved due to the large number of oil and gas fields. 90 % of the income the country receives because of the sources of oil.

4. Norway

The country also has a huge reserve of oil resources. Also, the state carries out respective social policy in relation to citizens. The population of the country is efficiency. Joint efforts have led the government to GDP 55 $ 400./year.

3. Singapore

A small country located in Asia occupies an important place in the field of trade. The number of imported products, she is 15, and the exports at 14. Singapore’s economy develops at the expense of gambling that operate in the country legally.

2. Luxembourg

That it is included in the rating of the smallest countries, has not stopped her to take second place in terms of income. The development of the state beginning with the processing of steel, then switched to rubber and chemical industry. As a result, the level of GDP 77,9 thous. per year per person.

1. Qatar

The small size is the richest country in the world. High status was given to it due to its large oil reserves. The state has low taxes, and its inhabitants do not know what unemployment is. It’s not just beautiful but also luxurious state. Income per capita is 103 $ 400.

According to the rating it can be concluded that the success of the country depends on the amount of natural resources, social policy and economic development.

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