The ranking of the most traumatic sports

Choosing any kind of sport first, we assume individual preferences. Enrolling a child in a section, which type of classes would be more useful or prestigious. It may be better to go back and determine the most dangerous sports game? We offer you a ranking of the most traumatic sports.

10. Rugby


Lately this game is becoming increasingly popular. Appeared in the sale of hats and balls for her. Being fond of Rugby, you can dislocate the shoulder joints or displace the cervical vertebrae. The collision opponents will hit a helmet as a result of wounds, cuts on the lips and chin.

9. Skiing and snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding

Due to the presence of various resorts, the sport has become year-round. The number of injuries has increased significantly. Probably, there is no snowboarder who ever got a concussion. Dislocations of the knees, cuts on legs, face, everyday for a skier injury.

8. Swimming


Really useful kind of sport, but also quite dangerous. Especially when loading classes with additional equipment. For many, swimming in the pool ends up hitting his head on the floor, and splashing in the pond – cuts of the legs. During a jump into the water swimmers often get sprains of the legs.

7. Football


Special protection does not always work. As a result, players get bruises and fractures. Most prone to injuries of the hands, elbows and knees.

6. Fitness


Such a useful but sometimes dangerous. The greatest number of cases occurs on a treadmill. People can jump off it and falling to cause injury to yourself. Dangerous ball for fitness. In the fall he suffers most of all from head. Intense exercises with a rope can lead to stretching of the joints.

5. Baseball


Not a particularly popular sport, although the bits they sell at any sporting goods store. However, use them for other purposes. If you do decide to start classic baseball, be careful during the game you can get seriously injured.

4. Motorsport


These sports do not have much to get involved. Enough one trip on a moped or all-terrain vehicle to fall off the transport. In such drops, you can get off easy fright or threat to injury.

3. American football

American football

Is the game different from other types of football, the lack of strict rules. In Rugby you can only attack the opponent, lead the ball. In American football, all means are good, you can push, to knock, to strike any player in the game. To get out of this fight without injury is almost impossible. At least you provided cuts, and in the worst case, dislocations and fractures.

2. Cycling


Even a simple fall from a bike can result in dissection of the head. Be sure before you travel you should wear a helmet and knee pads. But, it may not be saved if the athlete travels on the highway. Cases of accidents involving cyclists happen quite often.

1. Basketball


It combines all the dangers associated with the ball game. Basketball players often fall to the floor, scraping her knees on the floor. In the fight for the ball, you can get an elbow and a fight outside the ring lead to cuts and abrasions.

Summing up, it can be noted that the most dangerous sports-related ball. Thromboemboli more passive games less. Whatever kind of sport choose, do not forget about protective accessories.

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