The ranking of the most expensive varieties of coffee

Flavored drink has a lot of fans. Some appreciate it for its taste and quality, and for other important the process of cooking. Coffee is interesting because it can be combined with many foods and spices. Who is ready to refuse a glass of latte or flavored drink with cinnamon? If you are a real coffee lover, then you will be interested in the ranking of the most expensive varieties of coffee.

10. Yauco Selecto AA Coffee

This variety is grown in Puerto Rico, in the mountains. Coffee lovers appreciate its mellow taste and delicate aroma. You can buy it at a price of $ 24. for packaging.

9. Starbucks Rwanda Blue Bourbon

For the first time, a tasty grain, was released in 2004. After that, many farmers took up production of this variety. Today the packaging of 450 gr. give $ 24.

8. Kona Coffee

This variety has earned the trust of coffee lovers due to its affordable price and exquisite taste. It will cost a drink for $ 34. for packaging. The birthplace of coffee Hawaii.

7. Los Planes

This variety is grown in El Salvador. The cost in $ 40. per pack it is fully justified. The manufacturer has received numerous awards for its production. Different the variety great taste and unusual aroma.

6. Blue Mountain

Its popularity grade is the land of the rising sun. More than 85% of Jamaican coffee is exported to Japanese. Manufacturers are asked to 450 grams. $ 49.

5. Fazenda Santa Ines

It is impossible to submit the rating without Brazilian coffee. High cost 50$. for packaging, due to the popularity of the drink and hand picking beans. Fans of this variety are located not only in Brazil but in Canada and Australia.

4. El Injerto

The Germans are thriving in the manufacture of many products, it is therefore not surprising that the kind produced in Germany, is included in the ranking of the most expensive varieties of coffee. The birthplace of its growth – region of Huehuetenango. For those who wish to enjoy this drink, you should prepare $ 50. 450 gr.

3. Island of St Helena Coffee Company

Elite varieties of coffee grown on the Island of St. Helena. To pay for one package will have $ 79. Its weight is 450 gr. Coffee is characterized by unusual notes of chocolate, exotic fruits and spices.

2. Hacienda La Esmeralda

Panamanian coffee will cost 104 dollars. 450 gr. The high cost is due to the method of cultivation. It grows in ecologically clean places, shady areas. It affects an unusual taste coffee.

1. Kopi Luwak

Grade production of Indonesia in dignity ranks first. To pay for it will have about $ 600. the packaging of 450 gr. Coffee stands out not only high cost but also exotic way of its manufacture. First, it eats grain animal called a civet. Then they come out of the body naturally. Grain is dried and cleaned, as a result, the coffee flavor is very soft, because filled with enzymes.

According to statistics, coffee is the second sold and expensive products in the world after oil. True fans are willing to pay for this drink is a lot of money.

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