The ranking of the most expensive handbags

Men, choosing the portfolio, first of all pay attention to its practicality. For women this criterion is to be at the last place. The worst thing is to meet a lady with the same purse. Women’s handbag is not just a necessary thing, but also a beautiful accessory. As soon as the designers do not decorate it, so such products can be very expensive. The proposed ranking of the most expensive handbags, which, despite the high price, are a success.

10. Nancy Gonzales Porousus

Nancy Gonzales Porousus

Designers have tried to fame and created a stylish and neat model. As the main material is crocodile leather. Taken the raw material of the highest quality, the strikingly uniform scales. For those who want to buy a bag to select the color or size. It will cost 30 thousand dollars.

9. Shiny Wgae

Shiny Quenching

The product from the fashion house Hermes no accident included in the ranking of the most expensive handbags. It was sold at auction for the sum more than 95 thousand dollars. The bag is made of crocodile leather and decorated with inlays of palladium. The red color attracts ladies who prefer bright colors.

8. Matte Brighton

Matovi Brighton

Brand Hermes with pleasure pleases females exquisite crafts. This bag is made of matte blue crocodile skin. All the elements for it is made of palladium. Want to buy must be willing to pay 113 000$.

7. Diamond Birkin Handbag

Handbag Diamond Birkin

Exclusive bag was created by Hermes designers home. Another gift for girls is made of crocodile skin of the highest quality. Beautiful scales of the same size, attract attention. Made bag in a classic colour, the clasp is made using gold and diamonds. The Creator has sold at auction for $ 122 500.

6. Urban Satchel

Urban Satchel

The product from the home shopping Louis Vuitton can be not only in the ranking of the most expensive bags, but unusual. The designers Packed a bag of ordinary garbage. To create used plastic bottles, boxes of cigarettes and other waste. Incredibly, this piece of art had sold for 150 thousand dollars.

5. Crocodile Birkin bag

Crocodile Birkin bag

Another creation from the company Hermes. As the material traditionally used crocodile skin. The bag is pleasant to the touch thanks to the glossy surface, and its parts studded with diamonds. After serving 5 years of his mistress, she was sold at auction for $ 203 thousand.

4. Lana Marks Cleopatra Clutch

Lana Marks Cleopatra Clutch

Small clutch bag made from crocodile skin white. The entire surface of the bag is studded with colorless diamonds. All of them on one product, more than 700 pieces. The clasp is made of gold. The cost of the clutch is 250 thousand dollars. In the light appeared at the ceremony «Oscar» actress Helen Mirren.

3. Chanel Diamond Forever

The Chanel Diamond Forever

Trading house established a classic model made of white crocodile leather, gold inserts and diamonds. Harmonious and beautiful combination of many fashionistas had in mind, willing to pay for a bag 261 thousand. Only the manufacturer has released 13 copies.

2. Ginza Tapaka

Ginza Tanaka

It’s not just a bag, but also a real decoration. The designer created it out of platinum and covered with diamonds. Creation wizard, you can disconnect and use individual items as necklaces, pendants, bracelets and brooches. Experts appreciated the bag at $ 1.9 million.

1. The Mouawad 1001 Nights

In Moawad 1001 Nights

The product included in the Guinness Book of records as the most expensive ladies bag. It is estimated at $ 3.8 million. Bag created by hand from gold in the shape of a heart. Its design used a 4.5 thousand diamonds.

Expensive bags surprise not only for its cost but also conquer their exquisite appearance.

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