The ranking of the most dangerous roads in the world

The route is designed to connect neighborhoods, towns, cities. The implication is that they must be safe for drivers and passengers. But when interfering with the natural terrain or other factors, then the usual route may be the latest driver. We know why this is happening, and get to know the ranking of the most dangerous roads in the world.

10. A great trunk road

The track was built to connect Afghanistan and India. Its construction was made in the 16th century. After that, any improvement on this route was conducted. The road is constantly filled with a variety of vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles and horses with carts.

9. Road Patiopoulo-Perdikaki

Trails were made in ancient times, when Greece was protected from the attacks of the Ottoman Empire. Steep slopes and cliffs has been preserved to this day. Inherited locals inherited not only the mountain district Agape, but a dangerous road.

8. A44

The track is located in the UK and serves to connect Oxford and Aberystwyth. Its danger lies in the fact that it is quite narrow for two-way transport. As a result, over recent years there has been a lot of traffic accidents, among which the most collisions occurred head-on.

7. Road Luxor-al-Hurghada

Trail connecting the recreation area in Egypt, the ancient city is dangerous at any time of the day. Day while riding, climbs a great cloud of dust, and at night drivers are faced with each other. To turn on the lights in the dark on this road is to give ourselves into the hands of bandits who Rob and kill drivers.

6. Cotopaxi Volcan

Danger trails in Ecuador is that it is dirt and has many difficult turns. The situation is complicated by heavy traffic of old cars, at the wheel which sit inexperienced drivers. Potholes and landslides make the route dangerous for all road users.

5. The Coastal Road

Traveling to Croatia, you should not be afraid of dangerous slopes or difficult turns. You can safely control his vehicle. But if you meet a local reckless drivers, accidents not to avoid. It is for this reason that coastal areas are considered to be dangerous roads.

4. Pan American Highway

The Guinness book of records made this way, as the longest in the world. It connects the areas of North and South America. The most alarming area which leads through to Costa Rica. Passing through unspoiled tropical forest, the track is a dangerous area. Because of the frequent landslides and floods destroyed it. And construction work in this area is not conducted.

3. Sichuan-Tibet highway

The road passes through mountains, rivers and the primitive. The main danger lies in the fact that some sections of the highway are very narrow. Frequent cloud increases the number of accidents. Stone avalanches and landslides increase the number of accidents leading to death.

2. BR-116

The route from Porto Alegre in Rio de Janeiro is dangerous not only heavy traffic. It is the second longest in Brazil, so it passes through different areas. One section stretches along the cliffs, tunnels made in the rock. Such difficulties result in a large number of accidents.

1. The Track Nose-Yungas

The road, located in Bolivia is the most dangerous in the world. Steep slopes and small width of the tracks lead to accidents. Oncoming cars can’t pass each other. And on the road are daily buses and trucks. It was called «Road of death». The worst case occurred in 1983 in canyon fell of the bus in which there were 100 people.

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