The ranking of the most beautiful cities in the world

In consideration of the city making it on completely different criteria. For someone beautiful surroundings around him, or architectural landmarks. And perhaps, with some town are romantic memories, and for many it is the most beautiful. Settings do much, but if they join, then you can define a list of the best. Let’s look at the ranking of the most beautiful cities in the world.

10. Madrid


The largest number of tourists gave the Spanish the city is calling. Travelers say that this is an interesting, fun place. In the summer season in addition to a beach holiday, you can wander through local museums. The city was founded in ancient times, so pleased with the beauty of the architecture.

9. Amsterdam


Easy and free city is not only the most beautiful but also the cultural center of Holland. There are museums of great men: van Gogh house Museum, where Rembrandt lived. Amsterdam attracts different interest of tourists, for example, for the hippies and punks created a special author visits.

8. Berlin


Despite the ancient monuments, the city enjoy visiting young people. There are many night clubs, which hosts a variety of parties. Berlin is a city of new styles, unique architecture and a huge number of museums and cultural centers.

7. Melbourne


The Australian city is better to see once than a few times to describe him. First and foremost, tourists experience the awe of the incredible architecture. It perfectly combines the ancient buildings and ultra-modern skyscrapers. Melbourne is not only rated among the most beautiful cities, but also the most convenient. This concise and modern place with lots of Souvenirs and useful goods.

6. Barcelona


The second capital of Spain is beautiful at any time of the year, and therefore attracts many tourists. A city located on the coast famous for its views. In the beach season the number of tourists greatly exceeds the local residents.

5. Rome


It is believed that every traveler should at least once visit this beautiful city. Here are the most famous attractions which are close to each other. This is not only a beautiful city but also a major economic and political centre of Europe.

4. New York

New York

Relax all year round, most often the town is visited for the Christmas holidays. In new York hosts a number of fairs and street performances. Here you can find the largest number of skyscrapers whose height exceeds 200 m.

3. Sydney


The full city opened up during the Olympics held in 2000. While it arrived a lot of tourists that were amazed by the scale of the holidays and the beauty of this place. It successfully blends a modern building, cozy, Sunny beaches and busy parks.

2. Paris


It is not only beautiful but also the most romantic place on earth. The city cannot be described, it is necessary to visit to enjoy all the sights. It is possible just to wander the streets or enjoy a cafe with delicious croissants and coffee or visit museums and exhibitions.

1. London


Despite the frequent rainy weather, the city gets deserved first place. Valued for its diversity, here you can visit museums, or sit in the cozy pubs for a tasty beer, to get acquainted with the handsome guards or just listen to fight the big Ben.

In the ranking lists of the most beautiful cities in the Forbes survey. Not found in this list of favorite city? It just means that we still have much to tell.

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