The ranking of the highest paid professions

Today, there is virtually no separation of male and female professions. We are not surprised at the sight of a girl driving a taxi. Many office rukovodyashsie posts are occupied by women. Also they are successful and in the public service. For example, a judge or a lawyer. I wonder could while the ladies earn a decent amount. Let’s look at the ranking of the highest paid professions.

1. CEO

There are several other positions of senior management. Such heights are reached only through intense work. As a rule, the company must work about 10 years in lower positions. Also require specialized higher education, knowledge of languages. Monthly salary ranges from 180 to 270 thousand.

2. Accountant

Necessary for every enterprise office occupies a worthy place in the ranking of the highest paid professions. To obtain the position of chief accountant must have work experience of not less than 3 years. Work requires a serious approach and knowledge of regulations. The maximum monthly salary can reach up to 350 000 rubles.

3. Manager of internal communications

This position requires a good work experience, and relevant for large companies. The duties of the employee include the organisation’s corporate style. Support relationships between subordinate and supervisors. The mood of the rank and file employees on a loyal attitude to work. In this position you can get in a month is 100 thousand.

4. IT professionals

Quite in demand profession, the demand for which is growing every day. Recently her master women. A good specialist can afford to have a free schedule. Level monthly salary is 60 000 RUB.

5. Lawyer

In-demand position requires an appropriate education. From the experience of the employee depends on the wage. It can start from 35 RUB per month. If you have good experience and successful business management in the derivatives, you can expect to pay up to 600 000 rubles.

6. The beauty industry

Despite the fact that men successfully show themselves as makeup artists and hairdressers, women not far behind them. Having a good reputation and get sufficient number of customers you can earn quite good. So, a successful employee can count on an income of 100 thousand.

7. The field of marketing

The work involved market analysis, development of an advertising campaign refers to the position of marketing Manager. Its tasks include conducting activities aimed at the promotion of the brand of the firm. To apply for this position, you must have not only experience, but also a good recommendation. To a month can be from 50 thousand rubles.

8. Logist

Almost every company that sells their goods, a warehouse complexes. The profession demands thoroughness and analytical thinking. You need to make schedules of working routes of transport, delivery of goods, receipt. New profession successfully mastered women. To a month can be from 45 thousand.

9. Manager sales

This profession requires good looking and communication skills. The tasks of the employees include the search for new customers. A successful Manager who turn out their own base. In this case, it is a VIP employee. A woman Manager earns from 25 to 45 thousand.

10. Purchasing Manager

Also in demand position that is well mastered by women. Work requires skill in establishing contacts with suppliers. The employee is also involved in the monitoring of competitors, new product finds, negotiates best prices for the company. A successful Manager gets up to 50 thousand rubles.

From the ranking it is evident that the previously popular professions such as doctor, seamstress, cook faded into the background. In less-paid professions include the work of journalists, designers, hotel workers or tourism.

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