The ranking of the highest paid professions in the world

Human needs are constantly changing, resulting in changes and the situation on the labour market. If the accounting profession was one of the most prestigious and highly paid, today, a young worker in this specialty are very difficult to find a decent place. And what about other professions? So, we present to your attention the rating of the highest paid professions in the world.

10th place – genetic engineer breeder

Genetic engineer breeder

Hunger is a problem that in many countries takes the second and sometimes first place. According to statistics, the highest population growth occurs in countries where it’s very weakly developed economy. Accordingly, there is a problem with the shortage of food. That is why nowadays genetic engineers and breeders are pretty popular and, of course, highly paid. So, for example, recently, a completely new variety of corn, bred by breeders helped to save from starvation and the death of a whole village in Africa. Getting such professionals 97000 USD per year.

9th place – advertising Manager

Advertising Manager

Manufacturers today have become too many. But not every of them will be able to stay at the top, even if its products will be of the highest quality. To attract customers and help to reach greater heights, the company designed advertising Manager with high qualifications. Per year this specialist receives about$100,000.

8 place – IT specialist


21 century is the development of computer technology. Therefore, every year the services of IT specialists becoming more and more popular. Thanks to computer geniuses, we can be assured of your personal data. IT professionals every day invent something new, resulting in simplifying our life. In an average year they get over 105000$.

7th place – lawyer


It would seem that a lot of them and they are not in demand. But no, good people is not enough. And companies, for which compliance with all laws and regulations is essential for good development, a lot. Therefore, highly qualified lawyers are accepted everywhere. Annual salary is 110000$.

6th place – market analyst

Market analyst

Forecast of market situations – the main task, which is performed by analysts. But the knowledge and experience of these people is very necessary for many businessmen who are willing to pay for their excellent work over 111,000 USD per year.

5th place – the dentist


Despite the fact that the number of private dentists is growing like mushrooms after the rain, the demand still exceeds the supply. Even women began to choose this profession, although 10 years ago it was only for men. Earnings of a dentist per year – 132000$.

4th place – pilot


The pilot was, is and will be one of the most highly paid professions. Especially now, when the air service became very popular. But to become an excellent specialist, one desire is not enough – you need to have determination, courage and be able to react quickly in difficult situations. Get the pilots to 134000 USD per year.

3rd place – senior Executive

Senior Executive

These occupations may include Executive or the Director-General, the President of any Association. What should they do? Their responsibility is the supervision of personnel and the adoption of the main decisions in the company. Accordingly and the salary they should be considerable – 135000$ annually.

2nd place – anesthesiologist


This is one of the most important professions that require a person with a lot of knowledge, and persistent exposure. Because here we are talking about people’s lives in the truest sense. The anesthesiologist is not the last link in operating. His salary reaches 162000$.

1st place – surgeon


To say that surgeon is a popular profession, to say nothing. It was on his account a huge number of lives saved. In order to achieve remarkable results and to be a highly qualified specialist, you need to learn on their specialization 10 years or more. Therefore, the salary of a surgeon is justified – 181000 USD per year.

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