The ranking of the best Universities in the world

At present, perhaps, nothing so much is not valued as a prestigious education. Exactly, according to many, it should be. For this reason, the ranking of the best Universities in the world is gaining immense popularity among the population.

10th place – Columbia University

Columbia University

The last place in the top ten Universities belongs to Columbia University in new York. It is situated in an area of 13 hectares 1754 – time base – a University degree is not a famous person. Went here 4 the US President, 9 Supreme court justices and the heads of other States, among them President of Georgia Saakashvili and 97 Nobel prize winners. Columbia University has about 20 thousand students. On average, tuition costs about 40-44 thousand dollars.

9th place – University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania

1740 – the year of Foundation of the University, but first there was a charity school. Since 1755, the school became the College, and in 1779 the College has University status. The largest number of students was in 1973. This number reached 52 thousand. Today at the University of Pennsylvania receive the education of 19 thousand students. The cost of education on average costs 40 thousand dollars.

8th place – University of Chicago

The University of Chicago

The University was founded in 1890 on the funds of John D. Rockefeller. Here he teaches more than 2 thousand teachers and is trained to 4.6 thousand students and 10 thousand graduate students. On the campus of the University built a library, the arrangement of which was spent 81 million dollars. The average training ranges from 40 to 45 thousand dollars. The University of Chicago finished 79 Nobel laureates.

7th place — University College London

University College London

The Foundation of the College began in 1826. Currently, the College is in third place in the number of foreign students and in first place in the number of women professors. There are more than 22 thousand students, half of them already have one degree. The cost of training the average is 18-25 thousand dollars. Here was educated 26 Nobel laureates.

6th place – Imperial College London

Imperial College London

The grounds of the College were engaged in Prince albert in 1907. The College is located in the Central part of London. The number of employees exceeds 8 thousand people. 14.5 thousand students annually receive education at Imperial College education on the average cost of 25-45 thousand dollars.

5th place – University of Oxford

University of Oxford

Probably every student has heard of Oxford University. This is one of the oldest universities in the world. For the education of more than 20 thousand students, and 25% of them are foreigners. Students pay tuition 10-25 thousand dollars.

4th place — Yale University

Yale University

Yale University it is located in USA in Connecticut. The average cost of tuition – 37 thousand dollars. The school annually 11 thousand students. The graduates were 5 U.S. presidents, many politicians, businessmen and scientists.

3rd place – Massachusetts Institute of technology

Massachusetts Institute of technology

The third position in the ranking of the best universities in the world engaged in mit, his record is that 77 members of the Institute of Nobel prize winners. The cost of training, accommodation is around 55 thousand dollars.

2nd place – Harvard University

Harvard University

Second place rightfully belongs to Harvard, a famous University of USA. The most famous graduates of the University: John Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, John Quincy Adams, George Bush, Rutherford B. Hayes, Barack Obama, Franklin Roosevelt.

1st place – University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge

Opens a rating of the best universities in the world, a well-known Cambridge founded in 1209. The University is located in the UK. Goes here 17 thousand students, of which 15% are foreigners.

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