The ranking of Russian cities on the level of wages

Every year, researchers published studies of wages across cities. Based on the results of these studies, we can conclude that in some of the cities to live a better life. So, make a ranking of Russian cities for wages.


the city

Hero city, whose population is about a million people. Despite the fact that it is actively developed and is a major transportation center of the country, the average salary, according to Internet statistics, this city is not so great. Despite the fact that slightly more than half a century ago it was here that the fate of the world order, on average, receive 24 thousand rubles.

Nizhny Novgorod

the city

One of the major cities of Russia, with a population of more than 1 200 000 people. The city is famous for being one of the largest transport hubs in Russia. There is a well developed river tourism. In this village, which is of great importance for the country that made our ranking of Russian cities on the level of wages, the average salary makes 25 000 rubles.


the city

The next place is Novosibirsk, the largest Siberian city. He is still young, as it was founded in 1893. Here lives a lot of people – more than half a million. Despite the relatively small age, this town is growing and developing rapidly, the average salary in it is 26 thousand rubles.


the city

And here is the capital of Bashkortostan, city of Ufa. The population exceeds one million one hundred thousand people. A major transportation hub, which is of great importance for the economy, science and many other industries. Tourists can see here not only the architectural monuments, but also modern buildings. The average level of earnings is equal to 27 thousand rubles.


the city

And here is another million-plus city located on the left Bank of the don river. The city has a good infrastructure and a developed healthcare system, which makes it quite an interesting place. The average salary here is about 28 thousand rubles.


the city

And here is the main city of Tatarstan, whose population exceeds one million. In recent years, it has evolved considerably – infrastructure has improved significantly, there was the metro built a new station. There are also sights that worth seeing, and even the average salary in 30 thousand roubles, that has allowed this village to get into our ranking of cities in terms of wages.


the city

Cuban city, famous for its Cossacks. Probably one of two cities in the list, in which a million residents. It is the largest center in the South of Russia, which are growing like mushrooms. While it has a well-developed industry. Average earnings in 31 thousand roubles allows him to be in our ranking of cities in terms of wages.


the city

Black sea resort, the southern capital of Russia, where infrastructure has improved considerably thanks to the recent triumphant Olympics. Here lives about half a million people. The average salary to 32 thousand R.

Saint Petersburg

the city

Here it is, the cultural capital of our country located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland on the Neva river. There are many historical monuments and a lot of people – more than five million people. The average salary is 35,000 rubles.


the city

Concludes our ranking of cities according to the wage capital of the country. Here, the average parameter of earnings is 45 000 rubles. It is the largest city in the state, is significantly different from the other in terms of life. Here are seeking work even foreigners.

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