The ranking of Russian cities on ecology

The environmental rating of Russian cities is a new approach to the assessment of the living conditions in the urban environment. In compiling the report at the same time developed a methodology for assessing the quality of residence in a particular place and defined criteria.

The criteria included: status of the air environment and water resources, transport infrastructure, energy, waste management, condition and rational use of the surrounding areas, the degree of influence on the environment.

As a result, the ranking of Russian cities on ecology as follows.

10th place – Stavropol


Air pollution from stationary sources in excess of the limit chemical pollution of the soil what the main role is played by the energy industry. Plus – reached the level of ocean salinity in the Manych-Gudilo lake, made it impossible for fishing.

9th place – Tula


The presence in the 4 «Biggest polluters» — «Nitrogen», «Tulachermet», «WGC-3» and Cherepetskaya GRES give too large emissions in the atmosphere that makes the city authorities even to resettle people from the surrounding businesses to these areas. And water does not correspond to sanitary requirements. But city administration is still trying to solve the issue of ecology.

8th place – Tambov


Increased levels of air pollution with carbon oxide, the absence of a number of enterprises sewage treatment facilities resulting in pollution of reservoirs, generates adverse, though somewhat fragmented environmental picture. But the strengthening of controls on emissions and transfer of vehicles to natural gas instead of gasoline, should improve the situation.

7th place – Kazan


Defense, chemical and leather industries do not contribute any fresh air, his «share» in a state which makes transport, no clean water. As before the urgent question of clearing the drainage runoff and recycling of solid waste.

6th place-Moscow


Capital are unable to lead, but to lead the second five. A large city with developed transportation system creates the ultimate noise and pollutes the atmosphere, a good environment can not boast. But the policy of preserving green space and providing environmental zones problems should be solved, even if not immediately.

5th place – Kursk


Environmental conditions generally favorable, especially for status and consumption of water resources, but unauthorized dumps a few spoiled the picture. However, the administration is determined to correct the situation and is already taking active steps with the help of the residents of the region.

4th place – Vologda


A large amount of pollution from transportation, industrial emissions create elevated noise levels and unstable weather, high emission dark light substances. In addition, sometimes there is a shortage of water resources. Nevertheless conducted environmental activities the situation slowly improve.

3rd place – Saransk


Although the index of air pollution in the city is quite high, yet the actions for improvement of ecological situation of the city under the program «Greening the urban area of» on the basis of which since 2011 is the reconstruction of the city’s green spaces, greatly improved the environmental component of the capital of Mordovia.

2nd place- Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg

The second largest city came in second place in the environmental rating. This contributed to the lack of large industrial enterprises and measures to improve the environmental situation. The presence near the nuclear plant and the selection of soil radon (gas) left cultural capital in second place.

1st place – Volgograd


Although anthropogenic pressure on the urban environment in General, small will not name, because Volgograd is a centre of mechanical engineering and Metalworking industries, located at the intersection of major highways, yet on a combination of factors, he was ahead of his rivals. Held in the city’s various environmental events have borne fruit.

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