The ranking of refrigerators for reliability

The ranking of refrigerators for reliability you should definitely study before you buy such kitchen units, because if you pay a lot of money for a quality product, which will last a long time. A lot of competition in the market forcing manufacturers to constantly improve technology and to increase the duration of operation of the equipment. Now the quality of the European model is quite able to be operated for 15 — 20 years without failure.

1 Liebherr

The German firm, which is in first place in the ranking of refrigerators for reliability. High quality components, dual cooling system, two compressors with minimum noise and the ability to work separately freezer and cooler, improved thermal insulation with a reduced level of electricity – here is a partial list of their virtues. This refrigerator does not come cheap, but the price will be repaid for years of operation without a break (official warranty is 3 years). Here, even the shelves are made of tempered safety glass.


2 Electrolux

The Swedish manufacturer, who have made a major bet on a reduction in electricity consumption (all models class A+ and A++). And they can work even in the tropics and subtropics (up to 39 degrees). The innovative dynamic cooling system No frost models will support a special mode inside the unit and defrost it without turning off from the socket. Product warranty – 1 year.


3 Bosch

The German group of companies, known all over the world. They promise 2 years warranty and German quality components, regardless of the country of Assembly (there’s even a plant in Saint-Petersburg). Lots of great features,stable internal temperature, independent of circumstances, an attention to detail detail and an impressive lifetime — buyers, choosing this brand know that they will receive reliable appliances.


4 Samsung

Going to factories in China, Korea and Poland, but have a formal guarantee of 36 months. It uses patented technology Volt Control, which is a special shut off voltage. When changes in the network from 165 to 400, it protects the device from failure.This manufacturer has the convenience of defrosting, low noise level and constancy of the climate. Well-developed service network all over the world will help the user in any moment to obtain advice on matters relating to your fridge.


5 Atlant

Held in Minsk.It uses cost-effective and safe from the point of view of ecology the refrigerant and plastic, which is a natural substance and neutral to the other components. The No frost system there is a unique guarantee – 5 years, and a full service all types of refrigerators 36 months. Lots of functionality, two compressor, shelves made of shockproof glass. which are able to withstand 20 kilograms together with the low cost of components — all long enough to operate and inexpensive to repair the appliance cool.

Our rating of refrigerators for reliability will help to identify priorities and select an indispensable assistant in everyday life that you will never fail.

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