The ranking of developers

Expansion of urban areas contributes to the emergence of new developers and revitalizing those already won in the construction of certain positions. Prospective territory will not be free, they immediately are those who will find the means and opportunity for construction. After all, everyone wants to get a «piece» of the larger provided to treat the «pie». So construction companies have a reason to rush.

In the ranking of the developers not «random» guests – all company for a long time and stand firmly in their positions. The main criteria for determining where in the top was the total area of residential properties and open primary sales. At this stage the construction of the calculation are not accepted. So, the rating of the developers.

10th place – MD Group

company MD Group

She has the most modest results – a total of 200,000 sq m of residential and common areas in the project «New Butovo».

9th place- RDI


Ahead of the previous just a little, just for 22785 square meters, the project «West Valley» has a total area of sq. m. 222785

8th place – GC «Domostroitel»

the company GC

This company is significantly ahead of the previous two – the total area of the project «South» is 286050 square meters.

7th place – Aprelevka S2 (SITH Corporation)

company Aprelevka S2 (SITH Corporation)

The company crossed the mark of 300 thousand square meters and the area of the project «Boris and Gleb» is 328179,4 square meter.

6th place – GK «MITS»

company GK

The company has reached 350,000 square meters, and occupies the project under the romantic name «Tatyanin Park».

And now – the top five!

5th place-the company Avgur estate

the company Avgur estate

Two of the project – «Moscow A101» and «Green Line» have area in 306508 sq m and 78969,51 sq m (respectively). Total area — 385477,51 sq. m. «Moscow A101» is considered a mega-project and one of the largest in Russia. In addition to apartment complexes, town houses and cottage settlement, construction of the industrial Park. Primary sales are open both projects, and assists in the implementation of projects of the subsidiary company.

4th place – GK «Morton»

company GK

She also has two projects – «Solntsevo Park» and «Microdistrict Scherbinka» (vul. Gully) area, respectively, 482000 square meters and 203500 sq. m, total area is 6785500 sq. m. In its construction it is possible to buy an apartment, and apartments. Distinguishes this company increased activity, enabling her to enter into the five of leaders.

3rd place-«Investtrast»

the company

Also has 2 of the project – «New Vatutinki. Central» and «New Vatutinki. South» area 602500 sq m and a 108000 sq. m (respectively). Of course, in the «New Vatutinki. Central» area significantly more (as Central and necessary) and even exceeds the total area of each project of the second five leaders. In the project «Central» provides a multi-storey building, and project «South» — low-rise. The company «Investtrast» refers to large landowners, and prefers to engage in large-scale projects.

2nd place – PIK

company PIK

In this company one project, but what! The total area of «Bunin» is as much as 1342000 sq. m. It is a real scale! Not in the habits of this company «stuff». Its development near residential complexes and have the necessary infrastructure.

1st place – GK «the absolute»

company GK

The largest landlord in the capital region up to its name – it is the absolute leader! Two of his project «the First Moscow» and «Peredelkino Blizhnee» have the same area, the level of 1300000 sq. m. the Main part of their land, the company prefers to learn on their own, only a small part of selling.

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