The ranking of countries in terms of GDP

Speaking about the size of the economy of a state, we mean GDP. It is from this parameter you can define, which country is richer. This well demonstrates the capabilities of the country indicator. However, although, for example, the volume of China’s economy, no less than in the US, the standard of living of the average American is several times higher than that of Chinese. Therefore, the welfare state is usually calculated as GDP per capita. Thus, we consider the ranking of countries in terms of GDP.



In 10th place is Australia. It has active trade relations with Britain and the great powers of Asia – Japan and China. Recently, the Japanese and the Australians have a free trade agreement that have affected trade relations among States. China is now making major investments in gas and mining industry of the state. The unemployment rate in the country at almost the same level as in the most developed countries of the world. GDP per capita is one of 43,000 dollars. The only drawback is the very slow development of the labor market, the jobs appear rather slowly.



Here’s GDP per capita is a little more – $ 43430. Experts say the research agencies in the future, even the Canadians will pass the Americans. So far, the main obstacle to this is the income inequality of the population in Canada. The canadian economy has considerable potential, which is easily explained by the growth of the financial industry. That is why experts believe that the state’s GDP is expected to grow rapidly for several more years. However, they can not fail to note the low level of investment, which leads to certain difficulties.

San Marino


The gap from the Canadians in this state in the ranking of world GDP per capita is small – here, the figure is $ 44480. A small country can boast a lot of advantages – he has no public debt, almost no unemployment, and this has been achieved through tourism. The total population of the country – only 32 thousand people.

A lot has changed Italian tax Amnesty, which deprived part of the assets of many banks of San Marino and has led to a significant decline in the economy and GDP.



One of the comprehensively developed countries, where economic growth is due to success from a technological, industrial and financial segments. The fact that there are situated the headquarters of many companies and nonprofit organizations have made this country the economic leader of Europe. Although progress in the Swiss economy and has become somewhat slower with a reduction in exports of chemicals, it still continues to gradually grow, GDP per person is $ 46430.



The Americans in the ranking of countries on GDP per person are a respectable sixth place, the figure is 53101 dollar. This is quite a lot, but the gap between the rich and the poor is gradually increasing. If you pay attention to the level of poverty, we find that 15 percent of the population receives food stamps. But the middle class, in many States, is almost absent in America feels just fine.



Prosperous country in Southeast Asia, has a GDP per person of $ 53430. The country received independence from England quite recently, in 1984, and nearby the main sea trade routes of the South China sea. The area is rich in minerals and deposits of gas in General bring almost 90 percent of GDP.



In the ranking of countries by GDP of that country in fourth place. Norway has lots of oil, was able to remake its economy so that the oil industry no longer has a key. After the growing popularity of the oil in Oslo took a brilliant decision to send most of the money from the sale of minerals to Fund the welfare and overseas assets. Therefore, GDP per person there, 54950 dollars.



In this Asian island nation with an economy all too well is a very important port and commercial centre through which you are transporting. According to calculations, the average daily trading volume the currency of Singapore is dominated by only the British and the Americans. Singapore is easy to understand and favorable to the business tax policy, and this is one of the main reasons why there are people with high incomes. GDP per capita – 64590 dollars.



In this country a very successful financial sector that generates vast income. Attractive tax system, made the country a perfect place for various startups. GDP per capita – 78670 dollars.



This state is known for it has the sovereign investment Fund that buys up a lot of interesting assets. It is financed through the sale of large quantities of gas and oil. GDP per capita – 98820 dollars.

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