The ranking of countries by population

Our government on the planet, not lonely, in the world there are dozens of others. They are all very different from each other, but they need to know about. Especially those people who would like to go to stay in another country. According to laws, the most large are the States that occupy the most space, we made a rating of countries by population.

Let us consider the list of densely populated States.



Ancient civilization, whose population is the largest in the world. It is home to more than 1 000 367 000 people, about 9 percent of the world’s population. After spending some simple calculations, you can see that every fifth inhabitant of the Earth is Chinese. The most dense population of people here in Shanghai. It should be noted that the standard of living from district to district here varies widely. Despite this, China takes a well-deserved first place in the ranking of countries in terms of population.



Another state, where more than a billion people. Women in beautiful clothes, the famous cinema with songs and dances, yoga, unique dishes, served on banana leaves – this exotic country attracts many tourists. Do not think that it is far from civilization, its benefits are present in big cities like Bangalore.



America is home to more than 300 million inhabitants. USA is notable for the fact that there are all climatic zones. In addition, there is not enough diverse attractions – both nature and culture. But those who want to enjoy the noise of the big city will definitely not be disappointed – in large settlements of this country, with many shops, skyscrapers, restaurants, etc.



One of the most densely populated countries of South-East Asia, home to more than 252 million people. This island country, which includes more than 13 thousand Islands. Here there are many people of different Nations, and many of them speak different languages.



One of the record for the number of football arenas. There are more than 200 million people. It is the largest country in South America, so it fell in our ranking of countries by population density. This country is widely known not only because of the widespread passion for football, but also because of the excellent coffee produced here. It is worth noting its rapid development in economic terms.



About 190 million people and a multinational, that’s what distinguishes this country. Most of them are Pashtuns. An interesting feature of this state – a large family. If the Chinese just recently allowed to have two children, here often there are families in which the parents of six children or more. It is not surprising that in the ranking of countries by population loss, she was one of the last places.



The next member of the list you may be surprised. In the North African state of Nigeria is home to around 180 million people. It developed rapidly, not least due to the large oil reserves. Most of the country is just one big city called Lagos.



The people’s Republic, in which the lives of more than 150 million inhabitants. It is an Asian state, which is located on the shores of the Indian ocean, which in turn has a positive effect on the development of the country.



A little less than 150 million – this number of inhabitants can boast of our country. The majority of Russians live in the Central Federal district, and less people living in the Crimean Federal district. Despite the relatively low density of people per sq. km, the number allowed the state to be ranked countries in terms of population.



At the last place of a rating there is Japan. He is a champion of density, where a small island has nearly 130 million people. Note that here is an outstanding medicine – health indicators among the population are some of the best on the planet. There are very few foreigners, almost all the population is Japanese.

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