The ranking of cities in terms of life of the population

Who and where in Russia to live well? Experts have made a rating of cities of Russia the standard of living for 2014. The evaluation was conducted according to the municipal administrations, among which the most important are a few criterion. This: people’s ability to make purchases, incomes, volume of production, the attractiveness of the city for investors, the number of commissioned housing. We present the ranking of cities in terms of life of the population.

10th place – Tyumen

According to experts the income to the city Treasury in Tyumen is 31700 rubles. Investment capital per capita – 72900 rubles.

9th place – Obninsk

The average income of the budget in this town of 27,000 rubles, the population of Obninsk is 106000. Purchasing power, which is calculated from the annual wages to the cost of the consumer basket for the year is 3.8.

8th place – Ekaterinburg

The number of residents in Yekaterinburg — 1396100. With each budget revenues amount to 23400 roubles. Purchasing power is 3.5.

7th place – Podolsk

All the data were taken in the urban district. Population — 206700 people, budget income 32,000 rubles. The purchasing power of a little more than in Yekaterinburg is 3.7.

6th place – Khimki

It also presents County data. It has just over 220000 people, each of which is obtained 928000 rubles of investments in fixed capital.

5th place – Irkutsk

The purchasing power of the residents of Irkutsk is 3.7. Investments in fixed capital – 44300 rubles per person. But the income in the city Treasury is 20500 rubles per person.

4th place – Domodedovo

Considered throughout the district. The number of residents – 104700 people, the income of the budget – 29900 rubles each. Purchasing power is 4.3.

3rd place – Belgorod

On the third place of the ranking of cities in terms of life is Belgorod. There are more than 373000 people. The purchasing power of the people a little less party No. 4 and 2.9. Yes, and the budget revenues with less man – 18700 rubles.

2nd place – Krasnodar

In Krasnodar, which has a population of around 784000 people, the purchasing power is 3.3. But investments in the capital second only to the city of Sochi, not included in our top 10. It 258900 rubles per person.

1st place – Kaliningrad

KaliningradKaliningrad — tops the ranking of cities in terms of population life

The leader of the rating of Russian cities for quality of life was most remote city of Kaliningrad. Revenues to the city budget per person exceeds 520000 rubles. A lot, Yes? Moreover, Kaliningrad is the first place for the second time.

It is worth noting that the rankings of cities in terms of life in Moscow and St. Petersburg did not participate.

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