The ranking of cities by population

Each country has its own cities, which are home to over a million people. Have you ever thought about the number of population in largest cities of the world? Below you can see the ranking of cities by population.

10 Delhi


It is the capital of India, covers an area of 400 sq. km. According to the latest data the population of the Indian capital was 11 million. 95% of the population – hindustanis, and 5% were divided between the Bengalis, Tamils, Marathi and Punjabi.

9 – Guangzhou


Amazing and very beautiful capital of Guangdong province, one of the largest industrial centers of China. Near the town is the pearl river and South China sea, moreover, it is tight to mount Baiyunyuan. The population of Guangzhou is more than 11 million people.

8 – Tianjin


Tianjin is a major industrial, port and agricultural center of China, in the East it is washed by the Bohai Gulf of the Yellow sea. The population stands at about 11.1 million. Main natural wealth of the city — oil.

7 – Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo

One of the largest cities in Brazil, besides also the capital of the Brazilian state. The estimated number of the population -11,3 million. Sao Paulo is interesting for its architecture: it mixed different eras and styles. The city has so far retained many of its old buildings, churches and museums. This does not prevent the city to become one of the most modern in the main part you can see the skyscrapers of metal and glass (Avenida Paulista and Mirante do, Etc.).

6 – Moscow


This city is familiar to many, because it is the capital of the Russian Federation and the administrative center of Moscow region. Moscow became the country’s largest political, economic, scientific and cultural center. It is the most populous capital city in the world, home to approximately 11.6 million individuals.

5 – Beijing


The capital of the people’s Republic of China occupies an area less than 17 800 km2, which is inclusive of all agricultural surroundings. The population of this cosmopolitan village is 11.7 million.

4 – Mumbai city

Mumbai City

In this Indian city home to about 12.5 million people, and there is also something people of different nationalities (there are over 50). In Mumbai city you can visit the existing Hindu and Jain temples, mosques and synagogues, Christian churches and Japanese Buddhist temple, and, of course, do not forget to visit the Zoroastrian temples.

3 – Istanbul


One of the most beautiful cities in the world, many years ago Istanbul was the capital of two empires. Today it is a provincial Turkish town. However, he has one feature – a city on two continents. Istanbul separated by the Bosphorus on the European and Asian parts. The city’s population is 13.1 million people.

2 – Karachi


A very unusual town, it is very cleverly intertwined the Straits, Islands and lagoons. The expression «Packed» as possible, by the way, fits the description of Karachi. After the independence of Pakistan, the population grew steadily, a trend that continues to the present. For example, in 1941 the population was 435 thousand people, and lately this number has increased to 14.5 million.

1 – Shanghai

ShanghaiShanghai tops the ranking of cities by population

The largest city in China, is also considered as one of the largest in the world. Shanghai is located in the Delta of the river called the Yangtze. The modern architecture of the city has its own unique way – on the upper floors of high-rise buildings to restaurants, the shape of which is similar to a flying saucer. The population of Shanghai about 17.7 million people.

Population in major cities is constantly growing and is quite impressive figures. Who will take first place in the ranking of cities in terms of population, time will tell, but the enlargement occurs almost equally in all countries of the world.

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