The pros and cons of water births. Possible contraindications

There are two ways to give birth in the water.

In the first situation, the expectant mother must go into the water, only when you start the fight, and with the advent of the attempts to get out of the water.

In the second situation, the mother should be in the water for all the generations, until the birth of the baby.

A water birth

Water is very beneficial effect on the female body. To give birth in the aquatic environment is not so painful, the woman feels safer and more comfortable. It can be as it is more convenient. Warm water has a positive effect on the female body: labor become more elastic and the baby comes out easier.

Where water birth?

Water birth is not always acceptable in hospitals, because of this, some women choose to give birth at home. The birth of a child occurs in the bathroom, there are the midwife and the husband of the mother.

The necessary conditions

It is important that the water was warm, cold and hot water is unacceptable, otherwise the mother and child can suffer. The optimum temperature of 36.5-37 degrees.

The depth of the bath or pool should be more than 50 cm and length 220 cm

How to give birth in the water

A water birth in spite of any contraindications or complications, you should not.

Before the birth the woman must undergo special training.

The positive influence of water on the kid

The infant, like his mother, water birth is influenced favorably. The water softens the transition of the child from the familiar world of the womb to the outside world. The conditions of the outside world then don’t seem so harsh, consequently, the child receives less stress from it.

The possible danger for the mother

Child birth in water carries a certain risk, so the birth should take place only in the presence of qualified specialists in this field.

Assistance of the physician in childbirth in water

With home birth you need to anticipate all possible circumstances. You may need transportation or operation, therefore it is necessary that at birth near the house was «ambulance».

A water birth are risky because of the danger of infection. This happens when the lack of hygiene and disinfection. Water must be replaced, if the woman had been there longer than 4 hours. Plain water can be replaced with saline.

When the expectant mother is submerged in water, the midwife may not be able to instantly see hemorrhage in the mother, monitor the baby’s heartbeat is very difficult or even impossible.

Sometimes it happens that the generic activities because of the stay of the mother in the water, weakened, therefore it is better not to dive there early.

There is a high risk that the child may swallow water until he is removed from the aquatic environment. This can adversely affect the health, cause shortness of breath.

Capacity for water births

The positive and negative aspects related to water birth

The advantages include the following positive aspects:

  1. Water birth dull pain.
  2. Location in the bathroom is very comfortable, you can choose a comfortable position.
  3. Water helps to relax, relieves tension.
  4. The child is much softer and calmer transitions from the womb to the outside world.

The disadvantages are:

  1. Home birth in the water is dangerous because there is a risk of complications and immediate hospitalization.
  2. The risk of infection.
  3. The complexity in the control and monitoring of the child and the mother.
  4. Possible breathing difficulties in the newborn.

Why the need for a water birth

Contraindications for water birth

A water birth is possible, only if the woman is healthy, has a stable mind, and there are no contraindications such as: preeclampsia or fetal hypoxia. Women with narrow pelvis, large fruit, pelvic the position of the fetus, heart problems, and a number of other pathologies, water birth is prohibited.

The birth of a child in water must be not just a woman but a serious and balanced solution, because the birth of a child is the most important moment in every woman’s life. Therefore, it should be taken with the utmost seriousness and caution.

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