The poorest President in the world

Any man is sure to be a head of the country’s great. This honor and respect, communication with the world’s elite, as well as a considerable income. But what do you say when you find out about the poorest President in the world? It turns out that there are politicians who know how ordinary people live…

The poorest President in the world today is a Uruguayan politician josé Mujica. From 2010 to 2015 he was appointed to this position, and if not for a law in a country, it necessarily re-elected for a second term. Mujica chose the meaning of my life, asceticism and 90% of the income transfers to the charity. With a monthly salary of $ 12,500 he leaves himself 10-second part — 1250. And, as he argues that that money is enough, because the cost of living of its citizens is much lower.


The way of life of Jose Mujica has never been easy — the 14 years he spent in prison (most in solitary confinement), being the leader of the guerrilla movement real revolutionaries. He was tortured, he was wounded, but the enemy never returned. It was there that he formed life position President — he is a sharp opponent of the growth of the economy through increased consumption (in most countries). «I don’t want to work because I have no desire to buy more things.» «Will there be enough resources on the planet to 8 billion people lived in the richest countries (with a few cars and constantly updated technology)?» asked the President.

After his release from jail, Jose Mujica organizes the party’s «Broad front», which unites all significant political forces in the country. Catchphrase: «I don’t want to destroy the bourgeoisie — I want her to milk,» according to the main idea: to use the money for the needs of ordinary people.


The President refused official residence and live in the ancestral Villa in Montevideo in the company of animals and his wife. Lucia Topolansky as a Senator, also donates to various funds a portion of the proceeds. The house is guarded by two police officers and Manuela pet dog on three legs. In the yard on the clothesline dried sheets, water needs to recruit from a well, and in his spare time, the Prime Minister is engaged in cultivation of flowers for sale. The most valuable asset of the family for the watch of the presidency is a blue Volkswagen beetle (which will soon be 30 years), costing less than $ 2,000. Earlier the politician moved on the scooter, but the vehicle did not survive the repeated repairs and fell apart.


With the title of the poorest President in the world 77-year-old Mujica quite rightly assign the title and the very generous, and this will agree, is a cause of respect…

One can not forget the poorest President (monthly income — $ 450), which ever existed in the world. In just three years of reign (until his death in 1987) Thomas Sankara, the head of Burkina Faso to completely eradicate corruption in the country has reduced child mortality in half, and for the first time a backward African country began to provide itself with food. In General, it would be a desire to change something…


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