The poorest country in the world

Today in the world there are many countries in which the population lives in extremely poor conditions. Sometimes there residents have to survive on $ 1 a day, and it just doesn’t fit in the head. Examined data from the world Monetary Fund, it is possible to detect the poorest countries, characterized by financial distress, which may be due to many causes (social inequality, foreign wars, adverse climate, the impossibility of entering into the world economy and the like). The following list is prepared taking into account indicators such as GDP per capita.

1 Central African Republic

Central African Republic

This Republic is recognized as the poorest country. It resides in 5057000. In this country there is a considerable amount of natural resources (tobacco, cotton, wood, diamonds), but she still live very poorly. Here crime is rampant, not fade away war, and life expectancy is 51 for females and 48 years for a strong half. The level of GDP per capita is $ 607.

2 Congo

Democratic Republic Of The Congo

The next poorest country is Congo, where 77433000. Incredible poverty and low GDP per capita, which is 704 dollars – that is, what can we say about this country. And this despite the fact that it was successfully trades with Belgium, China and a couple of States, where it sends coffee, timber, diamonds, copper and oil.

3 Malawi


In poverty are more than 50 percent of the resident population, the number of which is 16777000. The level of GDP per capita in Malawi is 780-ti dollars. Throughout the country there are quite a lot of fertile land, coal and uranium deposits. In the agricultural sector are busy ninety percent of the total working population of this country that is East Africa.

4 Burundi


This Republic called the «banana» – almost the entire population that lives here in 9292000 number of people working in agriculture. It may be noted that in absolutely squalid conditions live also almost all. One of the poorest countries Burundi is considered to be for many years, and it is unlikely the situation will change in a positive way. The level of GDP per capita is $ 877.

5 Liberia


This country has appeared from an easy hand of the Negroes gained their freedom from the American colonizers. Population it is 4294000. The country has many forests, which grow and valuable trees. Good climate and normal location gives you the opportunity to become a developed Liberia in terms of a tourist destination. However, its economy was severely damaged» in the 90-ies of the last century, the results of the civil war. As a result, today eighty percent of the people live in squalid conditions. The level of GDP per capita equal to 882 dollars.

6 Niger


The country is home to 17470000 people, slightly more than half of whom live in incredibly squalid conditions. Most often in the country there is famine, the causes of which is its proximity to the Sahara, and the lack of fertile areas. However, there is oil and uranium reserves. The level of GDP per capita is equal to 1048 dollars.

7 Mozambique


This Republic with the number of people living in 25727000 people located on the South-East of Africa. After becoming independent in 1975, it was considered one of the poorest countries in the world. For living under the poverty line and seventy percent of the people. The weakest links here are health and education. GDP in Mozambique is per capita 1,174 USD.

8 Eritrea


Is an agrarian country, however, fertile land is scarce. Approximately eighty percent of the resident population, the number of which is equal to 6086000 people working in agriculture. Beggars here can be called half of the population. The level of GDP per capita is $ 1195.

9 Guinea


Despite the fact that this country, with the number living in 11176000, has considerable agricultural, mineral and hydropower resources, it still remains in the category of underdeveloped. Almost fifty percent of people that live here are very poor. The level of GDP per capita in Guinea is $ 1313.

10 Madagascar


And closes the list of the poorest countries in Madagascar, which is home to 24600000. In General, the country can be called developing, but in provincial areas, residents are very poor. Here the development of eco-tourism, fisheries and agriculture. The level of GDP per capita in the amount of $ 1,437.

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