The poorest cities of Russia

Ranking list of cities on the level of poverty was established by the initiative group of sociologists, Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation. The range of research included dozens of towns with population of 500 thousand people During the study, citizens were asked to rate the overall level of personal well-being on a scale from 1 to 5. After systematization of the obtained results, the sociologists formed a measuring value of the poverty index, the value of which allowed to determine the poorest city of Russia.

1. Tolyatti


The leader of the ranking was somewhat unexpected. It was found that the poorest city of Russia – Tolyatti, one of the main centers of the automotive industry. Despite the powerful backbone enterprises, the city formed the highest share of poor working-age men. The total number of inhabitants of Tolyatti – 700 thousand people, of which about 13% are on the verge of poverty. The reason was that a large industrial potential is not being fully realized, and town-forming enterprises are not in the best condition. Products of AVTOVAZ on the market is faced with high competition from Chinese firms providing the goods are in the same price segment. In addition, the total volume of production at the moment is not allowed to use such quantity of work as in the heyday of AVTOVAZ.

2. Astrakhan


Second place after tol’yatti takes Astrakhan – famous Russian city, located in the Volga Delta. Astrakhan is a major economic and cultural center of the region, but the infrastructure of the city developed unevenly – built high-class hotels, excellent dining options, modern office buildings, but a lot of the budget of the region experiencing an acute shortage of funds. Additional injections requires transport infrastructure and utilities. The results of the survey show that about 11 per cent of Astrakhan residents live below the poverty line, and more than half unable to afford the extra costs.

3. Penza


Finishes a symbolic pedestal of the leaders of Penza. The city successfully operates a variety of kinds of enterprises, the overall unemployment rate remains rather low, however jobs with sufficient pay too little. Penza characterized by a high proportion of citizens with additional sources of income. The low level of salaries leads to the fact that the bulk of the monthly budget of the average citizen is spent on food, payment of utility bills and various types of loans. The policy of the city does not create among the inhabitants of the Penza feeling a sufficient level of social protection.

4. Volgograd


Hero city is on the list in fourth place. Volgograd retains its attractiveness well-known tourist center, has large enterprises, but the average income level of the population remains low. A detailed study showed that the root of the problem is the financial state of youth of Volgograd, which is about 40 percent of the total number of poor. The city management is implementing programs to support youth and create new jobs, but their full implementation will require a lot of time.

5. Saratov


The center of Saratov oblast is on the fifth place of the ranking. This is due to the difficult environmental situation and the insufficient number of modern medical facilities near the town of focused semi-dump, and among the inhabitants observed a high mortality rate. In addition, the city is experiencing a shortage of quality food. According to the survey, considers himself poor, every fifth inhabitant of Saratov, and 64% considered themselves to be low-income category.

6. Rostov-on-don


City of military glory and administrative center of southern Federal district took the sixth place ranking. At a sufficiently high level of total industries the development of the city, slightly more than half of residents consider themselves poor. Detailed inspection showed that most of the poor residents of Rostov – older citizens. Here it is the usual pattern – the level of pensions so that income is sufficient only to provide basic needs.

7. Lipetsk


Seventh place in the list is Lipetsk. The penetration of this regional center to the list due to the insufficient level of development of public utilities and service housing and transport infrastructure requires a much greater infusion of funds in comparison with those that are available. Social services and health care also lack of funding. According to the final data, the poor took 16 percent of inhabitants of Lipetsk.

8. Barnaul


The administrative centre of the picturesque Altai region fell to eighth place in the rating. The city is characterized by a high level of social division – about 60 percent of people of any age have an income sufficient only for the purchase of basic necessities, and about ten percent openly admit your earnings that allows you to purchase a car.

9. Naberezhnye Chelny

Naberezhnye Chelny

In the city, which is located on the ninth place ranking, there is a classical picture – a large number of the poor is associated with a significant level of unemployment and lack of jobs with high wages. The bulk of the poor are people of retirement age and military personnel.

10. Voronezh


Joining the rating of the Voronezh relatively prosperous due to several factors. First of all, the role played by the policy of avoiding industrialization, which ultimately led to the increase in the rate of social stratification. In addition, total revenue growth was not accompanied by a partial increase in wages. The main share of the poor inhabitants of the Voronezh pensioners.

The study took into account major city, however it should be remembered that the poverty line is a huge number of people in settlements with fewer inhabitants.

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