The people of Russia on the brink of extinction

Did you know that in our country lives about two hundred different ethnic groups, ethnicities and entire ethnic groups? Each of them preserves the original cultural heritage, folklore and traditions that are revered and passed down from father to son. However, drawing attention to the results of the censuses of population of the Russian Federation, comes to mind bitter thought: some of the ethnic groups are on the verge of extinction. Soon the culture and customs of the nationalities listed below will become a thing of the past. Why? This question has many answers ranging from economic pressures and social and turning to the basic geopolitics and climate change.

  • The Archi — despite the fact that indigenous Dagestanis are still in the nature of their flock alive today… 12. A century ago, the Archi was at least more than 800.
  • Tofalars — the second place in the rating of endangered peoples, there were only 800 people. Tofalars — a distorted Russian name, the people of Eastern Siberia call themselves Toja or Tuva that is so simple and translates as «man».
  • The Nganasans are here too, who is on the verge of extinction. Only 862 people, according to 2010 inhabiting the Taymyr Peninsula.
  • Udege — the descendants of the Mongolian race, when spread in the far East. Today, they have 1,700 people, the population growth in 25 years amounted to only 300 souls.
  • Udege

  • Eskimos — despite the popularity of his people, left the Eskimos in nature, more than 2,000 people. By the way, the eskimo dialect means someone who eats raw fish. And the native inhabitants are called, in fact, the Inuit.
  • Selkups — that left them only 4250 residing in its legitimate territory of Western Siberia. Unlike hunters, other peoples of the North, these «peace-loving» people of the diluted vegetable crops and graze cattle.
  • Gilyaks — residents of the Far East, the natives of the Amur estuary.Also inhabit the North of Sakhalin. The name is probably from «gelei» — rower at the oars in the translation. A little over four and a half thousand gilyaks today is officially registered.
  • The Dolgans — among those who speak the Turkic group of languages, it is the northernmost ethnic group. Main areas inhabited by the Dolgans — the Republic of Sakha and near Krasnoyarsk.
  • Koryak — in comparison with the above peoples, Koryaks were just «darkness»: 8743 person according to the 2010 census. As residents of Kamchatka, for centuries, mastered it, they can call the Northern ethnic group, and not only in Russia but also in the world.
  • Muncie — another name of this group, the Voguls. Housed in a historic neighborhood with hunt (it’s easy to remember the Khanty-Mansiysk to determine their geographic locations). Mansi remained just over twelve thousand, according to the census four years ago.
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