The oldest tree in the world

For anybody, no secret that trees live much longer than man, it is not uncommon that their age is estimated for centuries. But few know that there are plants, so long ago took root in the earth, even the Egyptian pyramids are younger than them, and some trees were able to observe the life of many human civilizations.

The scientists were able with absolute certainty to determine what on the planet is now about fifty trees than the age exceeds a thousand years. But if you really assess the situation of these trees-long-livers could be much higher, because many of them grow in inaccessible and impassable places, and conduct analysis of open instances quite difficult.

The oldest tree on the planet

Officially the oldest tree in the world recognized the bristlecone pine Methuselah, whose age is estimated at 5000 years. To view it, please visit the area of the National forest, Inyo, which is located in Eastern California (also called the Forest of ancient pine trees). Where exactly is the oldest tree on earth, the workers of the national forest is silent, to prevent the influx of the curious, which can damage the Methuselah. And as in the forest, a lot of perennial trees, identify Methuselah is almost impossible.


Found an ancient pine tree almost recently, in 1957, while scientists interested in this question long before this. Stumbled upon the tree by Edmund Schulman, who researched the climate of the Western U.S. States and studied for this ring of trees, which can determine all of climate change.

This species of pine has a special needle, their life cycle is twenty-thirty years, so the pine can save their energy growing and then a new needle. Pine needles perform a vital function: regularly photosynthesis gives the pine tree long-lived the ability to comfortably endure even the most severe conditions of climate.

This is not the only old tree in the world, let’s get acquainted with others.



This pine could beat the previous record, if, in 1968, she was cut down. With careful consideration it became clear that the age of Prometheus is more than 5 millennia.

To this day it is unclear why it took to take the life of the oldest tree on earth. At that time, the research group analyses were performed on the climatic conditions of the ancient world. For that they needed to cut some old trees to look at their tree rings. According to some, post-graduate student Donald Curry, sroussi Prometheus did not even know who the survivor raised his hand.

How true this is is unknown, but the Prometheus of the state of Nevada is the oldest found yet trees. However, this title pine received posthumously.

General Sherman

General Sherman

A huge Sequoia, the General Sherman located in Sequoia national Park» in America, California. It is not only the world’s oldest Sequoia, but also the highest of all. She rises above the earth at a distance of 80 meters, and the circumference of its base is 30 feet. Scientists have determined the age of the tree, it is approximately equal to 2.3 — 2.7 thousand years. Imagine how small and insignificant it seems to the person next to this giant! No wonder this giant Sequoia is so attractive to tourists. According to those who saw this tree, it looks more like red-orange stone that has no end.

By the way, the Sequoia continues to grow each year to its circumference is added about half an inch. The Americans, which I love to analyze and organize, hung a sign at Sequoia, which shows that it was possible to build forty houses, and if you compare it with the passenger train, this is the «girl» would win. But it is not the quantity of wood! Not every tourist is that the Sequoia has grown more in the time of king Tutankhamun, and there is something to admire.

But there are other, not less surprising, the oldest trees in the world.

Strashensky sycamore

Strashensky sycamore

In Nagorno-Karabakh is also an old tree whose age is about 2 thousand years. It Strashensky Platan (plane tree) with a height of over 50 meters and a trunk circumference of around 30 meters. The giant no less impressive, the hollow area of almost 50 square meters, it could easily fit a hundred people! And the size of the «leaf» plane trees is two feet. By the way, Shereshevskii Platan is perfectly visible from space, as the area of its crown reaches 1.5 thousand square meters. It is not surprising that the locals refer to as sycamore to the Shrine, just because someone did not rest for long millennia in the shadow of this giant, even personalities.



Another giant is growing in About that in Iran. At this time, that the cypress, called the «Zoroastrian Sarvam» and of great importance for the faithful Iranians. Shrines about 4-5 thousand years, about as much as Stonehenge.

Llangernyw Yu

Llangernyw Yu

Centenarians in Wales, at the age of about 4 goals, Llangernyw Yu, often found in cemeteries. These trees can live a long life thanks to the ability of the trunk to give new branches. These offshoots live on and take root, even when the trunk which gave them life perishes.

Wood Alers

Tree Alers

Beautiful cypress discovered by scientists in 1933. He is in Chile in the grove of the Andes. Studying his tree rings, the researchers determined the age of the cypress – more than 3500 years. Typically, these cypress trees can grow to 50 meters in height, but just imagine what their growth for the year is usually less than a millimeter, how much you need to live in order to reach such heights?

Tree The Senator

Tree The Senator

This majestic giant has taken root in a subtropical Park of the «Big tree», which is located in Florida, USA. Senator is the largest circumference of the giant, growing East of the Mississippi. A forty-metre cypress has about 3.5 thousand years of life, about so many years ago appeared the first settlers-the Polynesians in Fiji.

The oldest trees in Russia

Our homeland, though, and boasts a huge expanse, unfortunately, has no thousand year old trees on-site. But close to this respectable age, the elders still is! For example, in the village of Ladushkin, Kaliningrad region, growing Grunwald oak, whose age has passed for 800 years. Sycamore and Dagestan from Russia a bit younger – he is 700 years old.

Grunwald oak

Recently pleased and Yakutia, it was discovered by botanists a forest, which is full of centenarians. Their number is simply amazing – about 15% of the site! These Larix Cajanderi, whose age is approximately 750-885 years, much older than Kandersteg of larch from North America, which up to this point recognized the old larch trees on the planet.

Cajanderi Larch

Interestingly, these adults Yakut tree size is not very large. Even the oldest tree in Russia can not rise higher than nine metres and has a trunk diameter of approximately 25 centimeters. But this is natural, given that in any harsh climatic conditions of the growing Cajanderi larch.

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