The oldest man in the world

Human possibilities are endless. It refers to the ability of people to live very long. So some people in life can not only give birth to their children, to wait for them grandchildren, but also to see grandchildren and maybe great-grandchildren. However, centenarians are not so much at all times. So who is today the oldest man in the world?

This man lives in Bolivia (South Africa). His house has a thatched roof and a dirt floor is located near the lake Titicaca. Call the oldest person in the world, Carmelo Flores Laura’s age is 124 years. He can rightfully be considered the oldest because it has documentary proof of his age in the documents indicated that the person was born 16 July 1890.

Carmelo Flores Laura

Flores Lauro shares the main secret of his longevity, he believes that all this is the fact that he works a lot the same, and eating enough little. Besides, the oldest man in the world is trying to eat less noodles and rice. In the main menu of the elder include barley, potatoes, beans (all of which he grows his own) and lamb. One day, as told by the survivor from Bolivia, he managed to catch the Fox, and he ate its meat taste. Never in my life a man never drank alcohol even tastes «fiery» beverage unknown to him. The water he is drinking only the cleanest, which flows from the Alpine sources. Therefore, any serious illness walked around the men side.

To 124 years survivor has surprisingly good eyesight. However, he hears not as good (sometimes even hearing fail), and teeth has already fallen out. He can neither write nor read, speaks only Spanish. Survivor very confidently says that he had long exceeded a hundred, but what is its exact age can not speak. During his life, Flores Laura raised three children, nursed with 16 grandchildren and 39 great-grandchildren.

Carmelo Flores Laura s great-grandchildren

In the number of people who claim to be the oldest in the world, and whose age can be documented, is also Japanese. Misao Okawa – today her age is 115 years. Her Japanese survivor was Jiroemon Kumura that lived to be 116 years. Was also awarded the French statue Jeanne Calment, who died at the age of 122 years.

But still the oldest of all human history is the Chinese Li Ching-Yun died in 1933 when he «knocked» 256 years. That certainly is worthy of inclusion in the Guinness Book of records. About the young years of the life of this longevity, there is quite a bit of information, but we know that he was born and lived in Sichuan (province of China).

Li Ching-Yun

The age of a elder questioned, because documentary it is not confirmed. In addition, this survivor was very cheerful, and he could not give more than 60 years. Li Ching-Yun he believed that the year of his birth is 1736. However, found in 1930, records showed that the year of his birth is 1677. Therefore, the Imperial Government of the time welcomed the survivor with anniversaries – 150 and 200 years.

He was married 24 times (23 of his wives he survived), he was able to grow 180 heirs. They always strictly followed the diet, he ate rice and drank herbal teas. Grass survivor always gathered himself. It proper nutrition and spiritual balance and was the fact that he was able to live for many years.

But not all believe that Li Ching-Yun was do for so many years. Allowed the idea that people could forget when he did exactly he was born. So to know for sure, is this story true or fiction, it is impossible – we can only guess. However, we know that before his death he called his family and informed them that his life is nearing completion. He encouraged others to always be quiet, as it allows to prolong life.

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