The oldest city of Italy

Italy is an unusual country, concentrated on its territory more than half of Europe’s cultural heritage. She was able to preserve and convey to us the monuments of different eras. Structures of the Roman Empire, the great fountains of the Renaissance, masterpieces of the middle ages, full of riddles, the locks!

In Italy, almost every city is filled with many attractions, every having its own history. Tourists are hard to navigate in what city is worth a visit in the first place, so most visitors travel to Rome.

The history of the city

To date, the Rome — province of Rome Lazio region. The territory of the city occupies a large area of about 1300 sq km. the population of the city amounts to almost 3 000 000 people. Italy occupies the Apennine Peninsula completely, Rome is on the West coast. No wonder Rome is called «the city on seven hills». The Central part of the city for more than two and a half thousand years, is on the hills: the Capitol, the Caelian, Aventine, Palatine, Quirinale, Esquilino, Viminal.


According to legend, founded Rome in the eighth century BC by the twin brothers who were nurtured by the she-wolf, Romulus and Remus. But archaeologists, based on their excavations, argue that the local places were occupied long before that. The Palatine hill, which began with the settlement here.

Since the founding until the mid-first century BC in Rome the country was ruled by kings, in the days of the Republic the power held in the hands of consuls elected by the people, and up to half of the first century. B. E. – emperors. In the XIII century the city had established the authority of the Church, from this time Rome became the place where was the residence of the Pope. There are two small States: the Vatican and order of Malta.


In the Roman walls a long time ago was born the Latin language is still used by us. Came here the basics of the legislation. Many of the facades of Roman buildings you can find the abbreviation SPQR, which means that the membership of the Senate and people of Rome, symbolizing the unity of people and state.

At this time, Rome is an incredibly popular city in Europe for travelers and all thanks to the historical monuments and architectural masterpieces from different epochs and cultures, concentrated on its territory. The town centre with all its attractions is included in the world heritage list and is under protection of UNESCO.


Rome is called the eternal city, and it’s true. Having age of more than two and a half millennia, he managed to convey to our time the magnificent palaces and castles, religious buildings, built during the Empire, voiced fountains, the Baroque. Today everyone knows that «all roads lead to Rome», and every tourist needs to visit this extremely attractive and interesting town.

The Sights Of Rome

The most famous attraction in Rome is, of course, the Colosseum. They often say that any monument in the photo it looks greater than it really is. It’s not about the Coliseum. Being around him, you know that the photograph does not convey a tenth of the grandeur and beauty that is available nearby. The structure is amazing, here feel a unique atmosphere. Being on the ruins of the ancient theater, you feel insignificant, and at the same time great, because standing in the same place where once stood Caesar or Augustus. And it is in this arena where the land is soaked with blood and sweat, was decided the fate of the characters.


Piazza Navona is not as well known but no less interesting for that. It is necessary to visit. The square is the fountain of the Four rivers. Very beautiful and elegant. It attracts a lot of tourists. Closer to the fountain to examine it better or take a picture in the background, is practically impossible through the constant crowds of tourists. Near the fountain, towering palaces of the Roman nobility on the Palatine. A little further you can admire the temples in the Forum, to visit the baths of Diocletian, the famous Pantheon and catacombs.


For several centuries Rome was the centre of the Christian world. Because of this, it is full of Christian churches and basilicas. In the city there are over nine hundred. The most popular among tourists of San Giovanni in Laterano, San Maria Maggiore and San Lorenzo fu ori Le Mura. Many other churches also deserve attention, each of them has extraordinary beauty and grandeur.


In Rome several museums and galleries that you must visit. It is a national Museum of the Thermae, Museum of the Capitol, national gallery of ancient art, Galleria Borghese, Palazzo Doria Pamphilj.

Rome — a city of fountains. On the streets and squares of the city, dozens of them. Fountains create a very pleasant climate, therefore, often located near a cafe where you can relax after long excursions, have a Cup of real cappuccino, listen to the pleasant murmur of the water, to enjoy the Roman air.


While in Rome, take a stroll along its streets — just imagine him go Raphael and Michelangelo, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. To enjoy the eternal monuments, feel the special atmosphere that exists nowhere else. Remember to come back again and again in this picturesque Italian city.

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