The northernmost and southernmost continent of our planet

A continent is a large landmass that exists for the most part above the level of the World ocean. Of the total area of the continents make up 29 percent of the earth’s surface. We are all familiar with these six continents: Eurasia, North America and South America, Australia, Antarctica, Africa. But what are the northernmost and the southernmost continent of our planet, let’s see.

The southernmost continent

The South, of course, is Antarctica, the location of which almost entirely coincides with the South pole. According to existing stereotypes, the South is the place where it is warm. Antarctica, however, completely dispels such thoughts, showing how cold it can be here.


Is this continent within the Arctic circle. For this reason here is not the four seasons, and only two: the Arctic winter, when you can see the polar night and polar summer, when the bright happy sunlight. December, January and February at the South pole the summer months. Currently in the centre of the continent the temperature reaches minus 50 degrees Celsius, and on the coast is much warmer – from 0 to minus 5. However, in the winter here is much colder in the Central part can be up to minus 75 degrees, and on the coast – minus 30 degrees. Antarctica is the world’s only continent, almost entirely covered with ice. Under the pressure of their gravity ice slides into the ocean, thus causing ice shelf. In addition, this entire continent is covered with ice, it differs in that here the entire year blowing katabatic winds caused by the polar position of the continent.


The shores of Antarctica is washed by the waters of the southern ocean. Its area is just over 14 000 000 km2. From all of this kind of ice shelves is 930 000 km2, and 75 500 km2 are Islands surrounding Antarctica.Since the discovery of Antarctica (1820) it is still not fully understood, so pull on their territory an increasing number of scientists who seek to unravel its mysteries. Besides the fact that this continent is the most southern, he also is the highest continent on the planet.

The most Northern mainland

If the southernmost continent of our planet once everything is clear, relative to the Northern continent will have to think about. The title of the Northern continent expect from the two: Eurasia and North America. When considering this question to take the most Northern point of mainland land, Eurasia will become the most Northern continent. Its northernmost point is Cape Chelyuskin, which is just a few degrees further North than Cape Murchinson North America. This fact gives Eurasia the right to claim the title of the North.


Eurasia is the largest continent of our planet, whose area is equal to 54 000 000 km2. She washed all of the world’s oceans, which we have only four. Eurasia is located in all natural zones and climatic zones. A large variety of its different flora and fauna, it contains almost all the types of surface and underground waters.

However, in accordance with modern geographic data, the most Northern continent is considered North America, and more precisely, the island of Greenland (East).

North America

The mainland is washed by the following seas, as the Arctic and the Atlantic. And on the island not too comfortable climate, with the result that it has a small population. Mostly inhabit it (90 percent) Kalaallit and Eskimos, and 10 percent of the population represented by the Danes and other Europeans. The islanders communicate with the Greenlandic and Danish languages Main occupation of the population is fishing, hunting and breeding animals.

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