The mysterious culture of India

India is one of the oldest countries in Asia and around the world. Indian civilization developed many thousands of years, and the first people in India lived for 75 thousand years BC Numerous seizures of power, all new invaders, emperors, traditions, customs, – all this had a great influence on the culture of India. But still India has retained its traditions and rituals, its culture can rightly be called an established, Autonomous and independent.

Tours to India

Indian culture is multifaceted and vibrant. For tourists, especially first visited this mysterious country, it will be extremely interesting to touch the culture of India.

The Religion Of India

Undoubtedly, India is a religious country. There are many religions, but the main one is Islam, almost 80 percent profess it. Also here profess Buddhism, Christianity and many other religions. It is India which is considered the ancestor of such religions as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. Almost every resident of India adheres to a particular religion. Religion for the people of India is not just a belief, a state of mind, beliefs, and norms of behavior.

The Culture Of India

Science India

Although education in India is a big problem, not many can boast the ability to not read the syllables and count three-digit figures, but the science here is at a fairly decent level. Unfortunately, there is a huge brain drain from India to other more developed countries, there are great opportunities and a decent income. But India in recent years, more and more attention to education and science. Numbers are called Arabic, in fact, Indian. In India was invented by the numbers. Many metals chemists have created India and fragrance and many poisons originate in it. Even the science of health and beauty originated in India. A huge number of discoveries were made by the Indians, but, unfortunately, not in their country.

Indian Bazaar

The Culture Of India

A very important component of Indian culture there are norms of behavior. Here pay much attention to it. The Indian greeting is genuine interest. In India it is not customary handshake, it uses such an unusual gesture, as in place, this is when palms are folded in front of chest and the man should bow. There is a special greeting of the deities and mystical creatures, the so-called «boat». Of course, are welcome and arm, but it can only do man to man, but in fact it is a rarity. The rules of conduct between a man and a woman in India strict, any displays of affection in front of others is unacceptable. Often see you here girls, women with revealing clothes.

Architecture Of India

Sacred animals – another feature exotic culture of India. For killing a cow is a punishable offence. Nobody somehow disrespectful or to speak about these animals.

Architecture Of India

The architecture of India is striking in its beauty and elegance. The unusual shape of the structure of houses, patterns, shapes, all that distinguishes India from other countries. Of course, at present India is not called a rich country, but earlier it was considered the richest for many hundreds of years. At the time it was built all the main buildings that still amaze with their beauty. These include Fatehpur Sikri, Umaid Bhawan, and, of course, one of the wonders of world – Taj Mahal.

Tours to India

India is one of the oldest civilizations in which the culture of that time have survived until now and it is a genuine respect. Indian culture is special and unique. That is why India is of great interest from tourists. The uniqueness and mystique of Indian culture – that plays a major role in choosing this place to stay.

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