The mother of many children in the world

A family with three kids nowadays is already considered large. However, before the families were born, many more children, which was considered the absolute norm, since the child was sent from God. But today, examples of real mothers-heroines who have committed some kind of great feat, fathering at least ten children. So who owns the title of «the mother of many children in the world»? Let’s face it.

1 Peasant Vasiliev

Children of mothers peasant Vasilyeva

Absolute «record» for the number of born children is considered the woman Vasiliev – the wife of the peasant Feodor Vasilyev who gave birth to 69 children. It was 200 years ago in Shuya County, and since then to break the record this mother-heroine failed anyone yet. This woman made the pages of the record Books as the best mother in the world. To give birth, she had 27 times – in the end she produced a score of 16 twins, 7 triplets and 4 quadruplets. This fact was even brought to the Empress Catherine, who noted this phenomenon. Of all the 69 children born were killed only two, and all remaining long lived.

2 Leontina Albina

Mother of many children Leontina Albina

Currently, Chile is home to the mother of many children in the world Leontina Albina, who became a mother in 55 times. During this 40-year-old woman can be safely placed on the second place in our ranking mothers.

3 Elizabeth Greenhill

Children Of Elizabeth Greenhill

In third place is the mother of many children of the 17th century. Elizabeth Greenhill bore to her husband William 39 children (7 sons and 32 daughters), and she gave birth 38 times – 37 times gave birth to one baby, and 38 gave birth to her twins. The last birth was when a woman turned 54 years old. But she said that would lay down life’s circumstances differently, it would have produced two or three more kids.

4 Olivia Whitmore

Being the wife of a famous brewer from Ireland by Arthur Guinness (lived in the 18th century), Olivia Whitmore gave birth to 21 children. Ten children were able to live your life to adulthood. Three of the children continued the work of Arthur Guinness. Today still sold beer, which was named in honor of the father of a large family.

5 Anna Josephine

The Family Of Anna Josephine

The wife of an American, Henry Wilson Crocker gave her husband is also 21 children. It’s all thanks to understanding, harmony and great love between the spouses.

6 Elena Shishkina

Family Elena Shishkina

Another the mother of many children in the world in our time – Elena Shishkina, who gave birth to 20 children (9 boys and 11 girls). The family lives Shishkin in the Voronezh region. Record women also placed on a page in the Guinness Book of records. After the birth of the last child Shishkin proposed to go abroad, but they are true patriots, and therefore refuse to leave Russia. The father believes that the state will support a large family. In this they are supported by relatives. Currently 19 children are living with their parents.

7 Leonora Of Nam

The Family Of Eleanor Of Nam

Ukrainian Eleonora of Nam gave birth to her husband Janusz 20 children. Therefore, this family of believers in Ukraine officially recognized as large.

8 Michelle Duggar

Family Michelle Duggar

Living in our time, the American mother gave birth to 19 children. All children have the parents give a name starting with the letter J. at First the young couple hadn’t been thinking about being a large family, and Michelle even used protection against unwanted pregnancy. Three years after the wedding, Michelle gave birth to their first child. Then the parents decided to limit the birth of children, and Michelle began to use contraceptives. But when she decided to have a second child, suffered a miscarriage. So the couple decided to trust God and to accept the number of children that he will send them. Now Michelle gives birth after about 1.5 years.

9 Hope Oak

The Family Hopes Oak

Being the wife of the priest Ivan, the woman bore him 18 children (10 daughters and 8 sons). In 2009, Hope gave her husband 18 child (daughter), and this year the couple were awarded in the Kremlin the order of «Parental glory».

10 Anna Altukhova

The Family Of Anne Of Altukhovo

This woman is also the wife of the priest Pavel Altukhov. Last year she gave birth to the 14th child. Large mother is now 43 years old, she is farming and engaged in raising 10 sons and 4 daughters. The baby, born last year, boy. Mother of many children, notes that to choose names for the children more difficult, but gives this prerogative of the father of many children, who, incidentally, also was the eleventh child in the family.

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