The most valuable coins of the USSR

Since the days of the Soviet Union, some people living in the territory of the former Soviet Union, survived the Soviet coins, which today are quite valuable. Let’s find out what coins of the USSR the most expensive and valuable.

Coins 1925

2 kopeks 1925

The most expensive Soviet coins of that year 1 and 2 pennies, which were minted from copper. In appearance the two coins are identical – the only difference is the value. But the 2-kopek coin is quite rare, so its cost can reach 60000 RUB. same can go for 20-penny coin, 1925, has rounded letters «USSR». But for 1 penny this year can be sold for about 4000 rubles.

Coins 1927.

2 pennies 1927

The most valuable coin of this year is a 2 penny coin made of aluminum bronze. Depending on how well the coin is preserved, it is possible to gain from the sale of the company approximately RUB 75,000 For the 3-penny coin this year, you can gain from 2000 RUB.

Coins 1929.

50 cents 1929

The most valuable coin of the USSR can be called the 50-penny coin this year. At the moment, the original of this coin was not even kept at the mint where it was produced. However, there is a stamp with which such coins were minted. But in 2011. this «fifty dollars» were discovered in the collection of one numismatist, which put the coin up for sale, asking for her 10000000 RUB.

Coins 1931.

10 cents 1931

The most valuable coins of the USSR was issued in 1931. This coins 10,15,20 kopeks quite difficult to find. These silver coins can be easily confused with copper and Nickel, which this year were produced on a large scale. However, the high price and have it silver coins – the price for each coin can reach up to several tens of thousands of dollars. For example, 10 and 15 cents can be sold for the sum of 95,000 rubles.

Coins 1934.

20 cents 1934

This year coins were issued in denominations of 20 cents Nickel alloy. Today we know about the existence of 40 of these coins, and the rarity of them due to the destruction of «technical reasons». The cost of such coins is about 100000 rubles. above. For 60,000 rubles to sell 3-copeck coin, but if it does not have the inscription «USSR». And 5 cents this year can be sold for several thousand RUB.

Coins of 1947.

1 penny 1947

Most rare coins of the USSR dated to this year. Any coin of 1947. is considered quite valuable – for example, the cost of 1-penny coins can be more than 50000 RUB the High price of the coins minted this year, due to the fact that the coins were not included in the conversion through marriage (the excess dressing tape on the arms). But any numismatist was very glad, if to his collection was such a rare coin.

Coins 1958.

5 cents 1958

This year there are no coins in circulation did not, however, they can be found. So collectors are willing to pay, for example, 5-copeck coin of this year at least 70,000 rubles. High cost and has a 1-penny coin, which can be sold for 50, 000. Slightly more expensive 2-penny coin – 60000 RUB.

Coins after the currency reform of 1961

After the currency reform coinage rare coins just «disappeared», and all because the coins were in a huge scale. To rare coins 60 years can be attributed to the trial, which were issued in denominations, polkopeyki, 1 COP, 2kop., 3 COP. for Example, prokopenya coins of that year to date there are not more than a dozen.

15 cents 1970

The most valuable coins of the USSR 1961-1991 years is a 5-penny coins, 1970. and 1972, 15-penny coin 1970-1975., The 20-penny coin 1970-1976gg. The most expensive among them is 15 cents, 1970. To sell this coin of copper-Nickel alloy can be for 7500 RUB.

20 cents 1991

Before the «West» of the USSR (in 1991) was released coin 20 kopecks, the Cost of such coins, without specifying mint today is about 15,000 rubles.

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