The most useful vegetables

The most useful vegetables and fruits are always included in the diet intended for healing and strengthening the body. Contained in their composition, fiber stimulates intestinal peristalsis, and therefore such products are useful in excess weight and various diseases. Today fruits and vegetables presented on the shelves, quite a lot. Let’s find out what is the most useful vegetable in the world named by the American scientists, and which fruits and vegetables are the most useful at our latitudes.

The most useful vegetables and RCTI - grown on private dacha

Useful vegetable version of the American nutritionists

Scientists from America have reached to the opinion that the most useful can be called cauliflower. There are a lot essential for the normal functioning of the body trace elements and vitamins – it is rich in vitamins a, C, e, iron, magnesium. With these minerals, this vegetable strengthens the nervous, cardiovascular system, and is an excellent antioxidant.

Cauliflower is the most useful vegetable

Such sprouts should be consumed in diseases of the intestine and gall bladder. It perfectly removes cholesterol and, therefore, are a means of prevention of strokes, heart attacks and heart attacks. In addition, cauliflower contains a lot of vegetable protein that the body uses as «building material». Also, this vegetable is indispensable in the formation of children’s nutrition, especially if there are any problems in the large intestine.

The most useful vegetables the American scientists write, and broccoli, which also contains many useful minerals that improve metabolic processes in the body. Also broccoli is a great tool for the prevention of oncological diseases.

Useful fruits and vegetables according to the Russian nutritionists

Cabbage helps to prevent strokes

The most useful fruits and vegetables in the Russian latitudes – it is:

  • cabbage;
  • carrots;
  • onion;
  • garlic;
  • the red beet.

Russian nutritionists recommend eating the cabbage that contains plenty of fiber, which accelerates the elimination of «harmful» cholesterol. It contained folic acid, vitamin C, manganese, carotene, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus. Cabbage helps to reduce the risk of colds and development of strokes. Due to the content quite a rare vitamin U cabbage is able to neutralize dangerous chemicals and even heal ulcers. Better to eat this vegetable fresh or make a juice.

Carrot is useful for obesity

If you are interested in, what are the most useful fruits and vegetables for weight loss, you will certainly include in your diet apples and carrots. Apples contain fiber, pectin, that helps to normalize the GASTROINTESTINAL tract. In addition, they are low calorie, so often included in various diets for reducing extra weight. For obesity, kidney and liver destruction of the gums is very useful is carrot. It contains many different vitamins and minerals (magnesium, potassium, and calcium).

The cleaner body is considered to be the number one red beet

«Cleaner body» number one is the red beet. And it’s all thanks to the fiber, vitamins and organic acids that can destroy putrefactive flora in the gut and improve the process of «processing» food. Beetroot is an excellent means of ridding the liver of toxins. Also this vegetable contributes to the process of rejuvenating the body with folic acid.

Onions and garlic-health stock

It is impossible to imagine the diet garlic and onions. Yes, not everyone loves them, but how useful they are! The main value of the bow are volatile, which kill fungi and bacteria. That is, the onion protects us from many diseases. In addition, the bow allows you to better absorb the useful minerals and improves digestion. A single clove of garlic contains many useful minerals that reduce the amount of cholesterol, clear blood vessels, kill tuberculosis and diphtheria wand, to get rid of worms.

Picking fruit and vegetables for your diet, it is important to take into account seasonality. For example, in winter in our area grow cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley. So, on the shelves of supermarkets we are seeing imported vegetables, which are often dangerous to eat. Therefore, in winter (if possible) it is better to eat onions, garlic, beets, potatoes grown on their own allotments.

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