The most useful food

With today’s abundance of products on supermarket shelves we can be difficult to choose. What of all this diversity will benefit the body? Because it is useful and proper nutrition, which is so often said lately, largely depends on our health. Read and take note. >

The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of healthy diet is raw fruits and vegetables. With them and begin.



Fresh vegetables are source of vitamins, minerals and substances we need to fight against various diseases. Green vegetables such as lettuce or spinach, among others are record holders on the content of useful elements. Their regular use helps to normalize bowel function to restore the immune system and more effectively deal with hypertension, atherosclerosis, tuberculosis.


We should also mention cabbage. Substances which are rich in this vegetable, help in the intestines. This product is recommended for use in patients with gastritis, ulcers or low acidity. In addition, cabbage is a great helper in the struggle not only for our health but also beauty. Shiny strong hair and strong nails – the perfect bonus to great health.

Fruits and berries

The fruits I agodi

Everyone knows that fresh fruits is a significant source of vitamins and natural sugars, without which our body would have to be very tight. In addition, they contain structured water, which is so important for the active brain work.


Among the most healthful foods it is necessary to highlight the apples. This familiar fruit has a truly healing properties. Their regular consumption has a positive effect on almost all the vital systems in the body: blood vessels displays cholesterol, normalizes the excretory system, increases immunity, improves skin condition. However, food should be not only useful but also balanced. Therefore, in addition to apples you have to include in the diet and other fresh fruit.

Onions and garlic

Onions and garlic

It would be impossible to provide a list of the most healthful foods without onion and garlic. A huge number of phytocides and anti-inflammatory agents make these products indispensable in the treatment of viral and infectious diseases. In addition, they stimulate development of the immune system and beneficial effect on the course of liver disease, endocrine and cardiovascular systems.

Bee products

Bee products

To bee products that are used in the diet include honey, propolis, Royal jelly. These valuable supplies bees contain huge amounts of vitamins, essential amino acids, enzymes, proteins and minerals. In addition, honey is a source of energy. Its use will help restore lost power and improve health. Bee products are widely used in the treatment of various diseases together with drugs.



Among the most useful food scientists also produce nuts, and all. They earned this title due to the large content of healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals. In addition, they quickly saturate the body, and return the lost energy.

Since ancient times, was especially venerated walnut. It was called food heroes, and were included in the diet of Olympic Champions.



An excellent proof of the usefulness of the seafood serve the residents of the country of the rising sun. In Japan a very long life expectancy, due to their diet mainly consists of food given to sea. These products are very high levels of omega fatty 3 acids, which our body itself produces. In addition, they contain lots of other nutrients and vitamins that give vitality and support our health.

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