The most unusual zoos in the world

In the warm season resumed walking the kids to the zoo. And there are countries where you can admire the animals all year round. Familiar to us the cages with the animals are not everywhere. In the world there are places, where animals roam freely in their territory. Even more amazing facts listed in the list of the most unusual zoos in the world.

Zoo in Chile

Surprisingly this place is the fact that here the animals are not kept in cages, and people. To travel on a Lion Safari Zoo, tourists are offered to plunge into a special cage that transports the truck. The walk includes finding the lions that live in the wild and unrestricted. Since the zoo is huge 2 hectares, to quickly find predators lure their meat. Lions are unpredictable and after a hearty lunch, you can sleep directly on the cage with people.

Barcelona zoo

It differs extraordinary beauty as it is located adjacent to the Park of the Citadel. There is a variety of animals as representatives of tropical countries: a kangaroo and a rhinoceros and the Northern penguins and reindeer. Be prepared that the area of the zoo is huge, so if you want to enjoy looking at animals, go to the event at least 5 hours.

Zoo in Argentina

Is unusual place not far from Buenos Aires, and the strange fact that animals feel absolutely free. For example, birds can easily sit on the arm or shoulder visitors. The city Park, stroll the peaceful fauna: goats or llamas. Tourists can go into the cells to predatory animals. Lions, grown in artificial conditions, allow themselves to be fed with milk and iron. And some individuals can even ride. Visitors are allowed to take pictures with the predators. Additional services cost about $ 50.

Zoo in Bali.

It rightfully deserves a place in the ranking of the most unusual zoos in the world, because it contains the largest number of exotic animals. In addition to monitoring the animals for loads of fun. They can enjoy the fun a swing or test yourself in the role of Tarzan, climbing trees and moving through the rope ladder. When you are finished with entertainment events, please visit the cell with the smallest sumarisimo tigers or giant bird cassowary.

Around the world many scattered interesting zoos, surprising animal welfare or their representatives. Thanks to them you can not only fun and interesting to spend time and learn a lot about the fauna.

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