The most unusual rites and rituals of the world

Since ancient times people tried to protect themselves from various problems and to provide yourself and your family prosperity in the future. To this end, held various ceremonies, each of which had a special meaning. Over time, many traditions have been forgotten or have been banned for moral reasons, and some are today. Sometimes it may seem that the rituals are meaningless, but people who practice them see the logic in such actions.

The most unusual ceremonies

The most unusual rituals before a wedding in ancient times

The creation of a new family, since ancient times, accompanied by various rites. So in ancient Egypt, the mother of a young boy who was 15 years old, began to look for a future bride. When she came across a decent girl of about 12 or 13, future mother in law hired a matchmaker who was supposed to create favorable conditions for the reunification of the young. The groom had to redeem his bride, which was not cheap. In some families combined even siblings with the aim to save money and to increase them in the future.

Wedding in ancient Egypt

The ancient Slavs had a lot of traditions that accompanied the birth of a young family. The Gentiles had decided to hold the wedding ceremony in the pond. The future spouses had three times to bypass the pond, and only then, they were considered a real family.

The ancient Vikings future spouses tried before reunification to achieve a favorable attitude to marriage in several gods:

  • The Torah was the sacrifice of a goat to protect the new family from misfortunes and troubles;
  • Freya brought a pig to the goddess provided for young passionate feelings for many years;
  • Freeru donated horse, but God made the family rich and prosperous.

wedding of the Vikings

In the Caucasus and in Ireland marriages in two ways:

  • made a special agreement that is often observed in wealthy families;
  • tried to steal the bride not to pay her family a large dowry.

The theft of the bride

The most honorable was considered the first marriage, at the conclusion of which the future husband was generous and gave the family of the girl with rich gifts.

The most unusual rites and rituals of the world, associated with the birth

Many peoples in ancient times was accompanied by various rites of the birth of the child. So in the Altai after the appearance of the baby is 40 days parents did not allow anyone to take fire from the Yurt. It is believed that at this time the child is vulnerable to evil spirits, which drives away the flames of fire.

In Chuvash also believed that supernatural forces want to join the ranks of infants and trying to take away from the family of the newborn baby. The parents hired a midwife, who allegedly secretly bear a child and then passed to his parents through the window, demanding a fee for it. Before you bring the baby home, she took the baby in the river or even in the sump in a special bucket. It concerned a bucket of water or debris, which meant that it was here came the baby.

the rite of birth

The Slavs are assisted in childbirth by a midwife. But to get to her future mother was easy. The woman must have been good to confuse your trail, and then went to giving birth. It was believed that the footsteps of the midwife evil spirits could find the baby and harm him.

Ancient burial rites

All peoples have taken to perform the rituals of saying goodbye to her late husband. Extremely abused with the dead in the Tibetan monasteries. Here the body of a dead man was dismembered into pieces and tried to place them high in the mountains, the birds or the animals they could eat. In Tibet believed that literally everything has to be useful, so didn’t see the point in the burials.

Funeral in Tibet

A creepy way said goodbye to deceased aboriginal people who once lived in Australia. They believed that the spirit of the deceased may after death to roam the earth scaring the living. To prevent the appearance of the deceased among the living, he had broken limbs and damaged internal organs, causing the entire body piercings.

In ancient Rome it was taken over 9 days to say goodbye to the deceased. The body was decomposed, it was embalmed in a special way that today’s scientists find it very effective, but I can’t figure out her secret. The dead are abundantly coated with aromatic oils, to him there came the stinking smell. Only when all the relatives spend enough time with the deceased, it was provided the ground or cremated, that depended on his position in life in the society.

Funerals in ancient Rome

Unusual rites of initiation in ancient times

In ancient times teenagers were considered adults after they held special ceremonies. So the Indians of the Algonquin tribe, who lived on the territory of Quebec, gave the boys an extremely strong hallucinogens and put them in special cells. The boys were in complete isolation for 20 days. It was believed that during this time, under the influence of hallucinogens completely forget your childhood and become men. In the course of this ordeal, many were mad or dying.

the rite of initiation among the Indians

The aborigines of Australia also gave the boys a lot of tests before calling them men. Boys were painted red, was placed on a stretcher and carried across the settlement as a dead man. While close relatives of the subject were strongly discourage campaign. The villagers pinched or beat the guy who needs to look dead and not move. Then the guy knocked out tooth, who immediately hid: it meant that the child was buried, and in front of the guy’s adult life. The young men also had to live a month in the woods, bringing their skills to produce their own food. After such tests, the guy was considered a grown man.

The initiation rite of Australian aborigines

The initiation of girls was more humane. Upon the occurrence of the first menstruation future, a woman had to leave the settlement in a special cabin or other suitable place for solitude. Alone she stayed for about a month and then was considered an adult. In some cultures girls were left in complete isolation for several years. Left shut-in for seclusion only after they chose a man for marriage.

the initiation of women

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