The most unusual restaurants in the world

A successful business requires a special flair. So the owners of the food establishments so show their creative abilities, which are incredibly surprised by all of the original interiors, which comes to the fore. So what are the most unusual restaurants in the world, bring their owners considerable profit?

1 Lunch at altitude (Dinner In The Sky Belgium, Brussels)

The Dinner In The Sky restaurant in Brussels

Those who wish to enjoy not only delicious dishes, but also to feel the real adrenaline, you should dine at an altitude of fifty meters above the ground. Brussels restaurant called «Dinner In The Sky», considered to be one of the most unusual restaurants in the world, and consists of two platforms, using the powerful crane lift to the desired height. At the top stands the table at which to eat at the same time have the opportunity to 22 people. Here the meal is provided by three chefs, waiters and even an entertainer is present. With the lower «deck» on which the piano sounds magical sounds of the tunes played by the pianist. So eating takes place under the watchful attention of the staff and lovely live music.

The whole structure of this very unusual restaurant in the world has a weight of 22 tons. Only one located at the top of the table with a length of nine meters and a width of five metres, weighs 6 tons. Given the mobility of the restaurant, he can act not only in Belgium, but it often happens in other countries.

2 Service (s Baggers, Germany, Nuremberg)

S Baggers restaurant in Nuremberg

A roller coaster with rails on which the customer ordered dishes arrive on tables – a system for automated service came up with a businessman from Germany who was once faced with the fact that have lost their legs, serving those present at the ceremony in the restaurant. This restaurant absolutely no waiters, and the technique copes with their work. For the client on the table has a touch-screen, which you can view in the menu and choose a dish. Paid for all smart cards that receive visitors. Customers who are regulars, always a discount.

The client always provides information on wait time. But with this system in school ever there is no queue, and all customers are served very quickly. However, to restore order in the institution still have these people.

3 Toilets no obstacle (Modern Toilet Taipei, Taiwan)

The restaurant is Modern Toilet in Taipei Taiwan

In this food establishment, which undoubtedly can be attributed to one of the most unusual restaurants in the world, no chairs, cups or plates. Everything here is made in a toilet theme. The chairs presented by the toilets, the food in dishes that have the appearance of the toilet, even the toilet paper instead of napkins. A meal here is accompanied by relevant melodies – you can hear the sounds periodically drained water tank. Entering such an institution, in the head go the thoughts are not about food, but this place has become a favorite by many locals. Therefore the owner is even thinking about opening a network of similar restaurants, which will delight visitors.

4 Lunch under the water (Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives)

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in the Maldives

This place is the first among those who began to invite visitors to dine under water. Meal in a place which has only 14 seats, will be held under the scrutiny of the inhabitants of the ocean – visitors can observe sharks, rays and other representatives of the underwater Kingdom, as the walls are made of glass. Pass this restaurant, located at a depth of five meters, made from a ground-based institution, where you need to go down, using a spiral staircase.

5 All of the ice (ice Restaurant, Dubai)

Ice Restaurant in Dubai

Local residents who rarely see the snow and feel the cold, so I want those phenomena of nature that they even created in the land of snow the resort, allowing skiing and ice skating. For this reason was created a restaurant where everything is made of ice. Sofas, tables and even the dummies here, icy and cold. So for those of you who are tired of the forty-degree heat, is the right way in this cool restaurant.

6 Dinner with the dead (New Lucky, India, Ahmedabad)

The New Lucky restaurant in Ahmadabad

The owner of this restaurant opened a restaurant on the site of the old cemetery. According to him, after that his business went up the hill.» The entrepreneur has destroyed the grave, and arranged the tables around them, enclosing them in jail. This restaurant, which was named a New luck, today is popular with people of all ages. And waiters places every morning, wipe the tombstones and decorate them with beautiful colors.

7 the Prison theme (The Island Prison, China)

Restaurant, the Island Prison in China

The owner of this place decided to show how difficult it is necessary the prisoners who are serving sentences for serious crimes. Those who have decided to come here, to the tables down in handcuffs. Service is by waiters which form black-and-white stripes. To the table visitors lead in handcuffs. Despite this heavy theme, the restaurant operation became very successful. So a little later a similar institution was opened in Beijing.

8 In dark colors (o noir Montrea, Zurich)

The restaurant o noir Montrea in Zurich

In this institution there is practically no lighting in the interior there are only dark colors. To the table customers help you get waiters who, for convenience, use special devices, allowing to see in the dark. You can not use any lighting, cell phones and lighters. This idea was picked up in many countries in the world where began to open similar institutions to the surprise and joy of the people.

9 Alice in Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland, Tokyo, Japan)

Restaurant Alice in Wonderland in Tokyo

This restaurant interior is designed in the style of Lewis Carroll. In every room is located the scenery on variations of famous fairy tale author. The tables are made in the form of tea cups or playing cards. Waitresses wear blue dresses, and everything around you is illuminated by romantic lighting. The entrance here begins with a door, which is made in the form of a giant book.

10 the Idea of AIDS (Cabbage&Condom Restaurant Thailand, Bangkok)

Cabbage&Condom Restaurant in Bangkok

In this restaurant, decided to recall the biggest problem today is the spread of AIDS. Therefore visitors can see a reminder of the need to use condoms, which help protect against sexually transmitted diseases. The interior of the restaurant is condomnio theme. Posters on the walls and napkins on the tables in this place constantly remind visitors about the need to properly plan a family and give recommendations for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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