The most unusual people of the world

On our planet there are a lot of special people who are such from birth, or acquire strange powers after any circumstances. Most of these people does not attract attention, but the phenomenon can not explain even the most experienced Ministers of science. However, there are those that due to their singularity become famous all over the world. Let’s see what is the most unusual people of the world, photos of which will allow to understand, what is strange in them.

1 Jasprit Singh Kalra

Jasprit Singh Kalra

This young man known under the pseudonym «rubber boy». And all because his body has such a unique flexibility that can’t even imagine how he can cover. He easily manages to turn his head one hundred eighty degrees, and it does not cause the Jasprit any inconvenience. But this is just one of many tricks that flexible boy can please the audience.

2 Amou Haji

Amou Haji

This citizen of Iran even honored to «visit» the pages of the Book of records. This man is not bathed in sixty years, and all these years he’s even on the meter did not dare to approach the water. He did he explains that at a young age, after a life of failures, he wanted to cease to carry out hygienic procedures. And now he is absolutely sure that if he at least wash my hands, sick with a terrible disease. Now Neumyvakina Iranian lives in the dugout, but when it gets cold, then goes to live in a brick building which he erected local residents.

3 Hernandez Garrido

Hernandez Garrido

The uniqueness lies in the fact that he has six fingers on each hand. In the end, it is not ten fingers like a normal person, and twelve. And the same number of fingers he has on his feet. Such number of fingers is proudly lives in Baracoa men with their help he easily climbs the palm trees to collect coconuts and posing in front of the cameras. Here they are – the most unusual people of the world! Because of its uniqueness, trying to earn some money and live with the good.

4 Josie Ray

Josie Ray

Resident of India, is able to move freely along vertical surfaces, called «spider-man». Such talent in itself Josie noticed in childhood and decided to develop it further. And he did it – today, many come to see the climber, who without fear of going over the mountains without insurance.

5 Paul Carson

Paul Carson

This Californian, who is 57 years old, is distinguished by its color – it is blue. However, the color of the man’s face was not always skin bought this shade for years because of the use of colloidal silver, which was necessary for the treatment of dermatitis, which occurred 14 years ago.

6 Sadhu Amar Bharati

Sadhu Amar Bharati

Once this Indian man with raised hand was a normal person. He was the head of the family that had three kids. But once (1970) he came to realize that the family he does not belong, and belongs to Lord Shiva, therefore, should serve only him. Then he decided to drive on Indian roads. After a few years he had made himself a vow that he would raise his right hand and will not lower it for forty years (many believe that as a sign of humility and renunciation of sins). Here is about forty years old man walks with a raised limb, which over the years has become bony and dried the faithful Indians.

7 Jake Shellescape

Jake Shellescape

Fourteen-year-old teenager from the United States for two years engaged in powerlifting – the sport he has reached such results that not even under the force of experienced athletes. The boy manages to lift the weight more than their own. He recently broke the record as the weight and age category. Every day Jake was in the gym – lifts and barbell weights and lifted. So he easily manages to surprise fans of the sport for their achievements.

8 Jill Price

Jill Price

This woman has a superior memory and remembers everything that happened in her life since the age of twelve. It can even tell you what the transfer was at some point in time. One has only to ask about a certain date, and Jill can easily answer that it was on this day.

9 Zhang Ruifang

Zhang Ruifang

It is unlikely that Chinese bumps on the face resembling the devil’s horns, pleasure. Of course, one could write off one horn to the jokes of nature, but appears on the forehead symmetrically to the second mass is incredibly shocking to the people around them.

10 Tran Van Hay

Tran Van Hay

This resident of Vietnam grew my hair, the length of which is almost seven metres. To do a haircut for his hair the man stopped at the age of twenty-five years, when I noticed that every time after cutting the hair begins to ache. So he stopped to get a haircut, and hair braids in a braid, after a long time is more like a rope. How original is the most unusual people of the world videos can show the best way possible – it is necessary to look at each one of the representatives of such, and the surprise will not be boundaries.

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