The most unusual jobs in the world

Perhaps you have often complained about my job or that I can’t find it. Of course, everyone wants to find a job where nothing you need to do and get paid for it. In order to stand out and not be a gray mouse among all the people, all you need is to learn a little bit strange profession and you will learn about in the world. What is the most unusual profession in the world?

the most unusual profession

Nyuhatelnitsa armpits

How else to test the efficacy of deodorants. There is such a profession in Germany. This job take women to test the products are very popular brands, which will then hit the shops. You think it’s disgusting? But even this type of profession needed in the world. However to take a job, only those who do not smoke and never smoked, as the nose of these women is better versed in the nuances and characteristics of odors.

dyhatelnye of POV

Taster of dog food and cats

Unfortunately, our Pets are not able to tell us what flavor their favorite treats. But there is the same unusual occupation as a taster of feed for dogs and cats. Simon Allison – the man who tastes food for all Pets.

a taster of feed

Profession testing different feeds he loves him and gives pleasure, in addition, also brings a good income. The thought of Simon and will depend on whether the food to get into the market or not. He even has his favorite treat is a dish with chicken and pieces of vegetables for cats. For preparation is required to use environmentally friendly and proven product which has no toxic substances or expired products.

A diver in a lake for Golf balls

Most often fond of Golf, fairly wealthy, very important and wealthy people. Not climb well they for a Golf ball, which accidentally fell into the lake or small stream. Why do they stain clothes and hands when you have employees that are specially prepared for this?

diving for Golf balls

Divers for these Golf balls also work part time those that sell the tools needed to play Golf. This income becomes the primary. Each of these goals, which they raise, will be assessed at six cents, it turns out that the annual earnings from the sale of such things will amount to one hundred thousand dollars!

Collectors worms

People who are engaged in this profession, working late at night. They go out in helmets where there is a lantern on their hands tied by banks. Their goal is the worm. That worker need to find places with high humidity, which is a whole bunch of excavation of parasites.

collectors worms

This work is a good option for easy and stable earnings. One can of worms of good quality is estimated to eighteen dollars. Although, such a strange work and is quite dangerous. Collectors worms practically howling for their field of work. In 1993, one team of competitors in the capital of Canada started a fight with the rebar in his hands. All this led eventually to the burning of the bus.

Flip penguin

This is a pretty strange profession that exists in Antarctica. The bottom line is that if a penguin falls on his back, then he is to rise or to roll over just can’t. Most often this bird can’t fall, it helps keep the balance of her tail. But near the airfield in Antarctica very often fly the aircraft. Hearing the sound, the penguins are looking up, up, and falling on his back.


Can help themselves they can’t, but specialist of them are turning to save them. Everytime when flying a helicopter or plane, it needs to get around the neighborhood around the airport and to pick up all the penguins. Such a profession is quite rare, but how much heat in it and good. She also belongs to the category of the most unusual profession of today.

The most unusual profession for late risers

If sleeping is your favorite pastime, you can try yourself in the role of the professional Sony». Luxury hotels specifically hire people to check the comfort and ease beds. Such a person needs to sleep constantly, and then shares his impressions of this holiday.

professional Sonia

Milker poisonous snakes

Snake venom does not need to be afraid of. It is not only the most powerful and very dangerous tool for those who have suffered such a bite, but also a potent drug. The poison helps to develop the different antidotes, yet it is also used in the treatment of advanced tumours strong.

milker snakes

The main thing in this profession is to be able to take this poison and no harm to your health? For this there are specially trained milkers. They put on a special glass membrane, forcing the snake to bite her with his teeth. They need to press on the glands with the poison of the snake and to collect the liquid that will stand out. There is a second method, which is not as humane – you have to tickle the cheeks of the snake, a small electric current. This profession though risky and dangerous, but the good pay for it.

Raspylitel wrinkles

In the stores of expensive brand shoes, do everything to make customers feel convenient and comfortable. When someone trying on shoes, specially trained people spread the resulting wrinkles. So the product is always in excellent condition. And in furniture stores employees doing similar work, they straighten the pillows.

raspylitel wrinkles


This kind of activity doubtless included among the «most unusual profession in the world.» The frantic pace of modern life in Metropolitan areas deprives people of normal human warmth. Very popular profession animallike enjoys in Japan, for a fee, you will be able to firmly cling to such a person and relieve stress. According to scientists, for the feeling of happiness a person needs to hug at least 8 times a day. Anyone? Hire a professional hugger.


Demand creates supply, and even such a strange profession find their application in our society.

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