The most unusual houses of the world

Each person comes to the construction of their home with great enthusiasm, trying to invest in the process the whole soul and using your full creative potential. And today in the world there are unusual houses that attract people’s attention, and their owners give unique comfort. We offer to your attention ten of these unusual structures, each of which, no doubt, has absorbed a part of the personality of its Creator and can rightly be called the real pride of the owners.

1 Sutyagin House, Russia

The Sutyagin House, Russia

This 13-storey building reaching a height of 45 meters, began to build in 1992 entrepreneur of the Arkhangelsk region Nikolai Sutyagin. The main feature of this building was that it was built on technology that is not used a single nail. Norwegian conference is one of the most unusual houses was recognized as a sensational design. However, to build an unusual building from the businessman did not work – the authorities acknowledged the construction of illegal and sutyagina made an order to demolish the structure. But to do so he refused. Then the building to the fourth floor was demolished after a 2008 tender. And four years later was burned and the remains of the house, so that even memories about the unique structure left.

2 Of Flintstones House In Malibu

Flintstones House In Malibu

This structure can undoubtedly claim the title of «most unusual house». Built on the shore of the ocean the house is stylized as a cave. The decor inside the house is reminiscent of the cave of the Neolithic. Based on the arrangement of the house was taken the plot of the cartoon «the Flintstones.» Despite the cave environment, everything inside looks cozy and homey. This house belongs to the American TV host and his wife. Recently, they decided to put it on the market, so now those who have the purse 3500000 dollars, has the opportunity to purchase a unique housing.

3 Upside down house, Poland

Perevernuti adobes, Poland

Belongs to the house designer Daniel Shapiivka. However, the project was prepared not him. To create the most unusual house of the author of this creation prompted the fall of the regime of communism in Poland, when people had mixed feelings, didn’t know how to proceed, and felt like the world was turned on its head. The house became a kind of caricature of those times, and today attracts a huge number of people – people often come here to see such an amazing structure.

4-House of stone, Portugal

House of stone, Portugal

This is another building on the plot of «the Flintstones.» Belongs to the most unusual house to Victor Rodriguez, who built it between two huge rocks. The author’s purpose was to create a comfortable accommodation away from civilization, so you can enjoy a rest from the hustle and bustle. Inside there is a staircase with wooden banister, fireplace and even a swimming pool (carved in stone). However, to stay here for the Rodriguez family had little, because the large flow of tourists has forced them to leave the secluded spot.

5 House-clam, Mexico

Adobes-crustacean, Mexico

One of the most unusual houses was designed by renowned architect Javier Senosian that specializiruetsya on bioarchitecture. Intended such housing for young couples. From one room to another leads to a spiral staircase.

6 crooked house, Poland

Crooked house, Poland

In the Polish town of Sopot, built the original house which later became known as «the Crooked house». On the project it bothered the Swedish artist Per Carl, which was based on tales of Sansara. The author’s purpose was to create an original fairy house. And that Dahlberg was quite successful. Today in the «crooked house» is a shopping centre where you can sit quietly in the various cafes, bars and walk through the many shops.

7 narrowest house, Warsaw

The narrowest house, Warsaw

The title of «narrowest house» rated building located in Warsaw, between two tall buildings. The widest part of the housing has a size of 122 cm At this house built on a plan by the Israeli writer, has a bathroom, kitchen, living room with an armchair and bedroom with work space. The writer said that he will stay here twice a year when traveling on business in Warsaw.

8 Transparent house, Japan

Transparent house, Japan

This is one of the most unusual houses created su Fujimoto, thinking one day on how important it is to unite people in the neighborhood. The building area is only 55 square meters. Since the walls of the house is glass, then there are a lot of sunlight. However, to hide from prying eyes in this house impossible. However, in the evenings, the residents pull down the blinds to them it was impossible to watch.

9 House-snail, Bulgaria

Snail-house, Bulgaria

The house, located in Sofia, designed by architect Simeon (2009). Distinctive features of the device is the lack of sharp corners and low energy consumption. Inside there are the radiators, which have the form of frogs, pumpkin and honey.

10 Geliod, France

The Geliod, France

In Cosswiller came home (2011), which is made in the form of three-dimensional sundial. The structure is under a certain angle to the movement of the sun is done to ensure that during the autumn and winter seasons the house is heated by sunlight, and in summer the inside was always nice and cool.

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