The most unusual hotels in the world

Among the hotels there was always competition. Every institution tries to attract its guests with quality service, a wide range of services or a gorgeous view from the window. But there are pensions that went the other way. The most unusual hotels in the world, although can not boast 5-star service, no shortage of visitors, because everyone is unique in their own way and built to amaze.

Propeller Island City Lodge

Propeller Island City Lodge

This 4-star hotel in Germany at a cost of half a million dollars embodied all crazy ideas of designer Lars Stroshane. The owners have positioned each room like a work of art, designed to change your consciousness. And when you visit the Museum, here are guaranteed an incredible experience.

For all of our guests are issued with a clear instruction on how to use the room. 45 you will find a bed that flies in the air; a place for sadomasochism and a prison cell; apartment made of mirrors or a room in the Gothic style, where you have to spend the night in a coffin. A special experience is guaranteed for the guests in the Studio «upside down» where all the furniture bolted to the ceiling and one underneath, you can benefit with the help of special devices.

Hotel Palacio de Sal Hotel & Spa

The hotel Palacio de Sal hotel and Spa

In the village of Quiver lake near Uyuni in Bolivia, the largest salt flat in the world has built the hotel from the material at hand, which is here in abundance from the salt. Deposits of this fossil so much that you can cut blocks with a thickness of up to 10 meters. Each year Uyuni is visited by 100 thousand tourists, although there are hard times (in the truest sense of the word).

The construction of the hotel took more than one million salt blocks. On site can be located with all amenities in single and double rooms up to 48 people. From entertainment — a cinema, a bar with a games room, various types of baths and saunas, and there are Golf course with holes carved in salt.

The hotel Palacio de Sal hotel and Spa

Of sodium chloride is made not only simple rectangular surface (tables, beds, stools), but clocks and sculptures. In the room hang a special reminder to tourists asking them not to lick anything in the room. All visitors say that it is incredibly easy to breathe because the air is saturated with microelements and carries a revitalizing effect, especially for patients with allergies or asthma.

Jules Undersea Lodge

Jules Underwater Lodge

Translation — «Underwater Lodge Jules», named after a popular science fiction writer known to all lovers of the deep. It is located on the coast of Florida at a depth of 7 meters, in Mangrove lagoon, in a unique reef location. And to fall in the former experimental station you can only through the hole in the bathyscaphe, wearing the scuba and presenting the certificate of the diver.

The hotel has two separate rooms equipped with everything you need and most importantly — metre-long window in which life boils water depths. But if you are tired of looking out the window, you can don scuba gear and give yourself the thrill of communicating with a rare tropical fish. The 4-star hotel is chosen by the couple because this place is like no other suitable for privacy with your loved one.


Krizany gothel

If you’ve always wanted to get into the Palace to the Snow Queen, welcome to the Ice hotel. In the village of jukkasjärvi in Sweden, 200 kilometers from the Arctic circle, is a hotel made of ice blocks produced in the local river Torne älv.

Now, in many countries with the climate to find such places, but this is the first hotel (since 1991) and the most famous. Unfortunately, the life of the house is small from December to April. But where else are you to spend the night sleeping in reindeer skin, sipping a drink at the bar out of ice glasses. Beautifully illuminated with electricity transparent blocks of ice create a fantastic atmosphere. Tourists can visit the ice Church and an exhibition of ice sculptures that are held here annually.

Krizany gothel

The hotel can accommodate hundreds of guests, but for the season accumulates more than 12 thousand, and to reserve the space you need in advance. Interestingly, each year building with 30 thousand tons of ice is being built in a new place, with the rest of the decorations and interiors. But outside of you waiting for fishing, skiing and Snowmobiling and, of course, the Northern lights, as it should be in the realm of the Snow Queen.

Magic Mountain Hotel


In the reserved forests of Patagonia, in the shadow of the waterfall is a hotel, designed in the form of a lofty mountain tops, like a dwelling of the dwarves. To get in on the suspension ladder. And from the top flows down a waterfall, feeding the greenery on the walls.

The idea of such a hotel was the legend of the magic mountain in Chile’s forests, which fulfills the desires of her finder man. Incredible views, the visitors secured the Windows of each of the 13 rooms named after local birds. And relax the guests in a huge wooden tubs carved from a tree trunk.

Creek n crag’s

Creek-n-skelia for

In India, all tourists eager to see the jungle. In Tamil Nadu you can settle on a height of 15 meters in a bamboo Bungalow. It’s now fashionable trend — eco-friendly hotel, combination of luxury and privacy amidst nature, with televisions, phones and any music.

In two huge rooms have all the amenities and there is even a Jacuzzi under the open sky. The balcony overlooks the pond where you can admire came to the watering place wildlife at the local nature reserve. And your regular guests will be monkeys who will visit you very often.



If itself the hotel on the tree for someone everyday, the house family Lindwall able to surprise the most demanding visitor. In the Swedish village of Harads in the tops of trees built five mini-hotels.

Each is designed in its own particular style (UFO, Blue cone, a House of branches), but most striking is the mirrorcube. Its walls in an aluminum frame completely merges with the surrounding nature, creating an incredible optical sight.


For the protection of birds the building is covered with an infrared film, invisible to human eyes. Inside is a spacious room with a double bed, a terrace, a bathroom and a living room, in a word, — all the amenities you need for a good hotel.

Parador de Canadas del Teide

Parador de Canadas del Teide

If you are in family life have cooled the passion and again wanted to feel like a volcano — go to the Spanish island of Tenerife, to spend the night in the crater of an extinct volcano Teide. From the highest point of the country (2 km) you can explore the incredible countryside and the volcano cone remaining from the last eruption in the early twentieth century.

Clean air, a sea of clouds underfoot and the astronomical observations of very close stars through telescopes provided here to the guests.

Nautilus Hotel Bigelow

Nautilus Hotel-Bigelou

Very little is left to the moment when you can spend the night orbiting the Earth at an altitude of 400 kilometers, with the most incredible and fantastic views from the window. The millionaire from Las Vegas Robert Bigelow came up with the idea to 2016 to launch into space on the basis of the module of the International Space station private hotel.

It is planned to send from Earth layered elastic modules folded, and at a given point they will take the original shape. Construction is planned to be brought to the orbit by a small rocket and be powered by solar panels. In today’s crowded in the spacecraft, it will be a mansion — up to 330 cubic meters.

The outer layers of the capsule with a force field protects the room from micrometeors and space debris. The cost of the flight (from several days to weeks) is planned in several times cheaper than a similar stay at the state of the ISS. But future tourists will have a 3-month flight preparation.

Nautilus Hotel-Bigelou

The most unusual hotels in the world has long moved from the category of spaces, where you can spend the night in the local sights, the room in which the tourists book for months (and years) ahead, and then enjoy the memories of a lifetime.

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