The most unusual finds on the Ground

Generally, any phenomenon on our planet is the explanation. Historians and scientists have made a major breakthrough in the field of indomitable. But today, there are still also unexplained discoveries on Earth that can not be explained neither archaeologist.

The COSO artifact or «spark plug»

The COSO Artifact

Relatively not so long ago, in 1961, in the state of California, drugdeale three young men in search of the precious stones on the Slanting mount. They collected the half-empty the minerals, which were formed inside the jewelry. This was their earnings – they made jewelry. The leader of this company, Mike Mikesell found a large mineral and cut it. Inside he found a smaller stone, which was taken for the porcelain white, but it was a stone made of white ceramic. Looking closely to him, he noticed that inside the «porcelain» is a long channel of metal that glitters.

Spark plug

After consulting the specialists, it was found that this «mineral» was formed about 500 thousand years. But this is not important, but what was inside it, was made by human hands. Next, was installed for more precise information: porcelain stone was inside the hexagonal shell of oxidized copper, and the top of the inner core was a spring, from which the artifact was nicknamed «spark plug».

Was invented several versions of the origin:

  • It’s a household thing, created by ancient civilizations;
  • In case of an error of calculation of accrued age of the mineral, it could be a car candle, which was set in the 1920-ies on the car brand Ford.

In any case, the exact version is not displayed and this item is listed in the category of «the most unusual discoveries on earth.»

A lot of the Antikythera mechanism

A lot of the Antikythera mechanism was found on a sunken Roman ship in 1901 near the island of Antikythera (hence the name). The artifact was raised by diver-archaeologist Valerian the Stays. Experts have determined that the mechanism was working as a roughly 150 year BC.


The find is a 37 gear poured out of bronze. They were in a wooden shell where both sides were located unusual dials with arrows. On the basis of the detected, it is assumed that the device was used to calculate the motion of heavenly bodies. the Estimated parameters of the mechanism – 32h17h6 inches.

Find gear 37

The mechanism had several thousand Greek symbols. Only by 2006 was able to decipher some of that and gave proof that the device was used for calculating the trajectory of planets drevneishih.

Mysterious a lot of the Antikythera mechanism

In 2016, after long research, 82 ancient fragments were deciphered about five hundred words. In turn, this threw all doubts about the assignment mechanism. It is also shown that the device can determine the detailed characteristics of celestial phenomena. For example, it could give the color and size of a solar Eclipse or the strength of the wind.

The object is saved in Athens, the National archaeological Museum.

Moving rocks in Death Valley

Today this fact is the first places in the list column «the Most unusual discoveries on Earth» and still defies explanation.

Moving rocks in Death Valley

Stones crawling on the bottom cracked from the heat the clay in a drained lake Racetrack Playa on the hill. Nobody saw it with my own eyes, it was not recorded by a surveillance camera. The main fact of this event there are traces that reach for stones. They have a ribbed surface and weight in a couple of hundred pounds. Traces trailing behind them, have a width exactly proportional to the width of the stone and the depth of about two and a half inches.

Moving rocks

By themselves, the stones crawling once in 3 years, and their trail is maintained for 5-6 years. Movement of stones is unpredictable. Sometimes they weep, sometimes they can dramatically change its direction.

There are several theories that explain the movement of the stones:

  • 1. The weak version, that the lake formed of the electromagnetic field, which is due to move stones. Not proven;
  • 2. Version Sharp And Carey. Is that in the rainy seasons, the lake accumulates water. As a result of wind, accumulated moisture disperses throughout the lake and its absorbs clay. This leads to a reduction of the coefficient of friction between soil and stones. Then, the wind quietly shifts the stones. Not proven;
  • 3. The theory that the boulders creep due to seasonal ice formations on the lake bottom. But it begs the question of how ice is formed under tightly lying stone? Not proven.

None of the theories has no real evidence.

Klerksdorp sphere

Accidentally discovered objects in the mines near the city of Klerksdorp in South Africa. Spheres represent a spherical object made of pure metal with a diameter of about an inch. At all balls, there are three notches which embrace the axis of the entire globe. Sometimes, these lines are whipped into a single, large groove. As the find is dated no small age of about three billion years.

Klerksdorp spherical

It was soon revealed that the balls consist of heavy alloys of different metals. This was the main proof that they were created by intelligent beings.

Through time, professional geologists denied the fact of their origin from metal. Then made the conclusion that they consisted of wollastonite with the percentage of goethite and hematite. A second type of stone, consisted of pyrophyllite, which was oxidized and not avetrana condition.

The African sphere

After several bullets cut, there is another version. Due to oxidation and chapping, pyrite Assembly eventually expands to the sides forming a radially-radiant structure of the sphere. But again, if the result of the impact of nature, then where did the stripes on the balls?

So, today hasn’t been found important answers to a few questions: who, how and what produced these fields?

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